Cincinnati Herald writer emerita Marjorie Parham passes away at age 103


CINCINNATI – Ms. Marjorie Parham, editor of The Cincinnati Herald and widow of founder Gerald Porter, passed away peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday April 14th. She was 103 years old. The family will announce services in the next few days.

“She was energetic, a brilliant businesswoman, and a mentor to me and so many others,” said Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, president of Sesh Communications and a member of the Cincinnati City Council. “Ms. Parham was a staunch advocate of the black community and believed in the importance of the black press as a forum for the diverse views of the community and as a platform to tell our own story.”

The publisher Walter L. White admired her tenacity. “After Mr. Porter died in 1963, Mrs. Parham stepped in to run the paper with the help of her son Bill Spillers. She took to the streets for publicity and was never discouraged by saying no, ”White said.

“She was one of a kind,” said co-owner Eric H. Kearney. “She was tough and was never afraid to speak up. At the same time, she was compassionate and had a dry mind that always made me laugh. I will always have the utmost respect for your integrity, business acumen, and passion. “

“We will miss her terribly,” said Jan-Michele. “We have asked her advice many times and always wanted to make her proud of the legacy she has left for Cincinnati’s Black Community.”

This report was originally published from WCPO 9 news partner The Cincinnati Herald. It is reprinted here with permission.