Cleveland Browns Myles Garrett Exhibits Off Ridiculous Explosion


Myles Garrett recently suggested that his hometown Dallas Mavericks contract him as a great security guard and decided to show off his immense explosive power with a 58-inch box jump to start the month of March. They originally called him 64 inches, but he corrected himself.

The Cleveland Browns defensive end is an incredible amount of physical strength it takes to move his body weight. Occasionally, he seems at least to be labeled as offside, if only he’s that quick off the line.

So the Browns have the best edge rusher in the league who looks like a young Charles Barkley with even more strength than a potential basketball player, even if he’s just in the pickup.

It’s everyone’s guess who wants to take a charge off Garrett who isn’t afraid to walk down the alley and disregard people.

Garrett enjoyed his off season of hard work and does so with a Jurassic Park shirt. Over the weekend, Garrett was suggested to get a cameo in a new Jurassic Park movie, which would be interesting.

The possibilities could range from a giant scientist just doing research to one of the background dinosaurs just walking around the park.

Garrett is clear about the injury he sustained in the playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs. After his first trip to the playoffs and an all-pro season, he is only 25 years old and is stepping into the fifth option of his rookie deal. Not until 2022 can he finally benefit from the contract extension he signed last year.

The Browns shouldn’t have too much trouble finding someone to play free-hand across from Garrett.