Chula Vista Metropolis Council to vote on eradicating Christopher Columbus statue –


CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – On Tuesday evening, Chula Vista City Council will hold a public hearing to vote on the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus.

The statue has already disappeared, but the removal should only be temporary. Now, among others, activists from the “Tell the Truth Coalition” are working to keep the statue permanently out of Discovery Park.

According to Chula Vista City Council agenda“The Human Relations Commission recommends that the City Council remove the statue of Christopher Columbus in Discovery Park and, over time, replace the statue with a work of art or other statue that reflects the diversity of Chula Vista, including the indigenous people ;; Rename Discovery Park; and rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in the city of Chula Vista. A task force composed of members of the community should help identify new artwork and a new name for the park to be recommended to the city council. “

In addition, the Tell the Truth Coalition is holding a protest outside Chula Vista Town Hall to tell its council members to vote YES on various issues.

  • Remove the Columbus statue
  • Rename Discovery Park
  • Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Establishment of a community task force

Statue of Christopher Columbus in the Chula Vista Discovery Park.

Chula Vista says no to Columbus

Tell the Truth Coalition created this flyer to promote their protest against the Christopher Columbus statue in Chula Vista.