Youngstown Police investigating three folks shot in a single day on South Ave.


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Part of South Avenue was temporarily placed between Cameron Rd. And Pasadena Road. while Youngstown Police are investigating an incident at Block 2000.

We have a First News crew on site who receive information from officials.

“We are recovering evidence and trying to record any kind of testimony here at the scene that could help us in the investigation,” said Chief Detective Captain Rod Foley.

Police said three people were shot, two women aged 20 and 33 and one man aged 24, near Miss Daisys Hall at 2210 South Avenue.

A person had to undergo surgery, but their condition is unknown at this point.

Let’s look at what the scene looked like overnight.

Evidence could be seen around the building and in the street.

Police said they believe the shooting occurred around 2:30 am

Youngstown resident says flooding and property damage are “an ongoing problem” in her neighborhood

No information was released about a possible suspect or whether there was more than one shooter.

The scene of the crime was cleared shortly before 7 a.m. and the road was opened again. Stay with First News for updates.

In Youngstown so far this year 71 people have been shot and 16 people have died. This marks the fifth shootout that First News has reported this year at a bar or club, three of which are on South Ave.

This is the tenth time that two or more people have been shot in an incident this year.

There were 48 shootings in Youngstown at that time last year.

In 2020, a total of 98 people with 28 murder victims were shot.

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If anyone has information about this incident, you can call (330) 746-CLUE. Potential witnesses are encouraged to register with information by calling (330) 742-8929.

The police said in a press release that there is a possible cash bonus for clues that lead to the investigation proceeding.