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REVENGE: Toledo had waited 15 months to get revenge on an Onalaska squad who dropped them in the 2019 district title shot

Fifteen months ago, it was Onalaska who led Toledo in the girls’ soccer championship in District IV 2B in November 2019. The loggers separated the Indians 1-0 for the district title and then reached the game for third place in the state tournament. The Indians would advance to the quarter-finals of the state and lose in a shootout.

This time it was Toledo who received a sweet release after losing the district title.

Marina Smith’s two goals in the 33rd and 67th minutes drove the Indians home after a slow start and a 2-1 season opening win over the Loggers on Monday night.

“It’s a game we’ve definitely watched all year,” said Toledo coach Noel Vazquez. “They beat us in a very close game in the district championship. I wouldn’t necessarily call it revenge, but the girls were just looking forward to it. “

What was even cuter was the fact that the Indians and loggers got to play a game after seeing their season postponed several times from its normal fall start due to the pandemic.

“It felt really good,” said Vazquez. “Above all, I’m happy for the five seniors that I have this year. I’m just grateful that we have something for them. They are a great group of kids and I would have felt awful if they graduated without kicking the ball. I know that is what brings them together with the underclassmen. “

Onalaska @ Toledo girls soccer

Onalaska’s Brooklyn Sandridge (8) scores during a soccer game in Toledo on Monday night.

Onalaska shot and scored the first goal of the night by second striker Brooklyn Sandridge in the 17th minute. Smith equalized in the 33rd minute after an assist from Rose Dillon, who praised Vazquez for her tough game. Smith is no stranger to the scoring. The junior striker scored 22 goals and 12 assists in his second year.

“I think we just saw a bit of what it will bring for the rest of the season,” said Vazquez. “She’s a really strong kid. It always starts a little slowly, but once it starts it can obviously do a few things.

Vazquez also praised Dillon for her support and creating pieces for Smith and the strikers. He praised senior defense attorney Grace Tauscher for wreaking havoc on Onalaska’s misdemeanor and said he was excited to see her come out of her shell.

Onalaska @ Toledo girls soccer

Toledo’s Keylin Plancarte (8) takes control of the ball during a soccer game against Onalaska on Monday night.

“I can honestly tell you it felt like I was training for the first time,” said Vazquez. “I’ve been in Toledo for six years and I can tell you I was nervous, the girls were nervous. It was just one of those things that we just wanted to play, we wanted to be out here and we’re so excited to be competitive and to get a win. “

Toledo ended the night with 13 offensive shots on goal and 11 saves from keeper Daphnie Bybee. The Indians travel to Winlock to face the Cardinals in a 7pm matchup. Onalaska has added Stevenson to the schedule even though Stevenson’s Region has not yet reached Phase 2 and cannot play any games.

Adna Girls Blowout Raymond-South Bend 10-0

It was about the best start Horst Malunat could expect in his first game as Adna’s head coach. The pirates wasted no time dealing with Raymond-South Bend (RSB) and shot down the combined Pacific County roster 10-0.

“A win is a win and we’ve achieved a lot,” said Malunat. “What I liked best is that we scored a goal after a corner that we were working on. I’m happy, I just think there’s always something to do after the first game. “

One of those things will certainly not be the offense. It was a glowing start for the Pirates as they took an 8-0 lead halfway through. Malunat, who has 22 children on the squad, used his reserves in a show about sportiness and respect in the second half.

“I was nervous because I’m the new guy and Adna has been successful for the past ten years,” said Malunat. “I thought I was going to come in here and sink the ship.” I’m glad they did well and I think the kids are happy too. They’re starting to buy a little bit of what I’ve told them. “


Adnas Karlee VonMoos (7) shares two South Bend defenders in the Pirates’ 10-0 win in South Bend on Monday.

While the win was obviously rewarding, so was the experience of just playing one game. It was the Pirates’ first game since November 23, 2019, when they defeated Onalaska and finished third in the state tournament.

“The girls certainly had a lot of energy on the bus trip,” said Malunat. “They were all happy and I think it’s a good release for the team when you just have the pent-up time not to exercise, when you are a competitive person and then finally get the chance to play. I think it was good for everyone to take a look at this first game. “

Summer White started Monday with a penalty in the fifth minute. Natalee Werner came back two minutes later after an assist by Kaylin Todd to make it 2-0. Sadie Burdick scored in the 15th minute after an assist by Zarine Walker to make it 3-0. In the 18th minute, Walker scored a goal of his own after an assist by Faith Wellander.

In the 22nd minute, Joey Swenson made it 5-0 after an assist from Keaton Dowell. Walker scored her second goal of the night in the 26th minute with a support from Presley Smith to give the Pirates 6-0 lead. Swenson had her second goal of the night in the 30th minute after an assist by Macy Kalnoski to 7-0; and Walker scored her third goal in the 33rd minute after another assist from Kalnoski.

Kaylin Todd scored both goals in the second half, in the 42nd minute from an assist from Burdick and in the 48th minute from an assist from Abby Amundson to close the gate.

The pirates are now heading to Grayland to face Ocosta on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

“(RSB) is a little bad so Ocosta will be a real test for us on Wednesday,” said Malunat. “I am really enjoying the group that I have. They are a good group of people and players. “

Winlock Girls Shutout from Ocosta on the Road

Winlock girls lost 4-0 to Ocosta in Grayland on Monday evening.

The Cardinals were originally supposed to play against league opponents Kalama on Monday, but had to find a replacement opponent because the Chinooks are not yet in phase 2 and cannot play any games.

Winlock coach Brian Ziese praised his team for their game after playing in their first game in over a year.

“I think we looked pretty good overall for our first game,” said Ziese. “We played pretty well against a pretty good Ocosta team.

The Cardinals, who missed a few free-kick opportunities, were halfway down 2-0 after two consecutive goals from Ocosta in the 27th and 28th minutes. The second came after a save from Winlock goalkeeper Kiyah Peppers, who hit him back before the Wildcats kicked him back in.

“It’s kind of a mistake when a goalkeeper saves great and nobody cleans up the trash for them,” said Ziese. “We came out in the second half and had some chances but they just took advantage of our mistakes.”

Ziese praised the juniors Alexa Barragan and Gabby Cruz for their solid game against an impressive Wildcats team. The Cardinals had some rust, said Ziese, but were grateful for the opportunity to play a season they thought would never happen.

“The children had fun,” said Ziese. “It was a different experience. You wear the mask, it makes it a little more difficult. But the kids were excited just being out there.”

The Cardinals will meet league rivals Toledo at home on Wednesday.