2B Baseball Roundup: Bats carry Wahkiakum to victory over Toledo | Preps+


Ashden Niemeyer had two hits for Wahkiakum and drove in three runs. Beau Carlson, who did some of the pitching duties for the mules that day, added two hits. Chance Cothren had a couple of hits too and drove in two runs.

“Now that we’re back on the road, baseball is pretty much fun playing right,” said Niemeyer. “Those first couple of games got a little weird.”

Toledo (1-2) is expected to host Adna on Monday. Wahkiakum (3-1-1) will play in Napavine on Thursday.

Cards stop the late Bulldogs rally

CARSON – Winlock made things interesting on Thursday’s home stretch but found his stand just in time to take a 6-4 win over Stevenson in C2BL baseball.

Mekhi Morlin brought the Cardinals to the door of victory by putting up 6 ⅔ innings and beating ten Bulldogs. But when Stevenson insisted the junior hit his pitch count limit, Winlock had to get a cold reliever out of midfield to watch the final.

Aiden Eitel was the outfielder tasked with withdrawing another Bulldog, but that task proved easier said than done. With a runner on the second base, Eitel went three bats in a row to start a run and start a fire in the dugout. After the 3-1 on the next stroke, Eitel ended the game with a strikeout to seal the victory in the shave.