USS Toledo submarine arrives at Norfolk for overhaul


The submarine USS Toledo (SSN-769) has arrived at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) for a scheduled technical overhaul.

The ship arrived at the shipyard on January 21st.

After an “early production phase” that includes advance planning, execution services and availability preparation for the task, it is replaced and repaired and hardware and mechanical systems are revised.

Naval Sea Systems Command estimated the task would take approximately 437,000 working days to complete.

The final engineering overhaul will be the third by NNSY after USS Newport News (SSN-750) and USS Albany (SSN-753).

Assistant Project Leader Chad Waldroup said, “With the Covid-19 pandemic, the project team has come up with a plan for a smaller team to travel to the boat’s homeport in Groton, Connecticut and do some work prior to arrival to get us on the major can work faster once the boat arrives.

“We also worked with [NNSY’s Process Improvement division] Code 100PI for a range of strategic planning meeting initiatives that enable us to be successful.

“These initiatives range from buying new eyebrows that improve the routing of services to reviewing existing requirements to see if they can be improved. We have also arranged a weekly cadence with the ship to make sure it is well prepared for the expectations and knowledge of the shipyard. ”

According to Naval Sea Systems Command, the Toledo will be on the pier for an “extended period” before heading to the dry dock, as the dry dock is currently undergoing maintenance to upgrade its caisson, flood wall and piping.

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This dry dock maintenance is part of the larger shipyard infrastructure optimization program (SIOP).

The shipyard’s commander, Captain Dianna Wolfson, said, “America’s shipyard welcomes the USS Toledo and is doing an excellent job on the project team as it has already taken several key initiatives to achieve successful availability.”

In December 2012, General Dynamics (GD) Electric Boat received a contract amendment from the US Navy Perform routine maintenance and modernization work on the USS Toledo.

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