Unique eyewitness reporting World Surf League quantity three Filipe Toledo concerned in “big scuffle” at Decrease Trestles, ordered to the seaside after younger junior calls for “Who do you assume you might be? The brand new native?”


We had to kill the earth to save it.

Ahh, 2019. Do you still remember?

International travel was unrestricted. Instagram surf personalities hadn’t taken on their new role as medical professionals. The political dichotomy left / right was not completely superfluous. French kissing strangers in the street was still okay.

Did it really happen?

Scraps of memories of life before Covid remain, although they quickly fade into our memories like a feverish dream. So it’s easy to forgive for not remembering the partnership between WSL and Nordic furniture giant IKEA that was announced in June this year.

It was a strange game.

Like the Red Cross, which is teaming up with Jack Daniels.

Or Kanye West with Marilyn Manson.

But that was our world back then.

Unbridled positivity. Anything was possible when two for-profit bodies could focus on it.

Here’s a refresher:

“With around 70% of its surface covered by oceans, the earth is rightly called the blue planet. The ocean is a major producer of the oxygen we breathe, so it is an essential part of our daily life regardless of where we live. IKEA works with WSL to better understand the everyday lives of people who have a mobile and active way of life in the close rhythm of the ocean. Worldwide there are 370 million surfers and more than 40 million active surfers. No sport is as dependent on the sea as surfing, which is why sustainability and the protection of the sea are of course important to surfers. “

That was the breathless press release, in which WSL managing director Sophie Goldschmidt was still quoted (“We are looking forward to working with IKEA on a product collaboration around plastic with ocean-bound plastic”).

But since the announcement, there has hardly been any talk of the exciting collaboration.

No updates from Erik. No TikToks.

Three hundred and seventy million surfers had probably turned their attention to more pressing issues.

Partnership preserved. Gone to dust like so many other pre-Covid plans.

But we were wrong. Boy were we wrong

Like a flat-packed Lazarus, the collab, which no one asked for, rose again in time for Trestles.

Landing in the inboxes of the surfing industry leeches this week was an invitation for a sneak peek at the new WSL x IKEA range, which coincides with the Fina range at Trestles.

“Join world champions Italo Ferriera and Carissa Moore for an exclusive look at this surf-centric collection.”

It’s obvious when you think about it.

A committed team that has spent more than two years in research and development. Apart from the social breakdown that the rest of us have faced. Study the everyday life of people who live mobile and active in close rhythm with the sea.

Eager little Swedish hands tinkering with a million hex keys to create a range of must-have products for surfing, feat. Ocean-bound plastic where possible for our avid consumption.

Exciting times.

The earth weeps for joy. Oceans saved, etc., and all thanks to disposable furniture from China and Eastern European countries with low labor costs, Romania, etc.

Seriously, will Ikea develop some kind of “surf-centric” product?


I hope my long-proposed shoehorn / toilet brush invention makes the cut.