Ultimate 2 beers revealed for Cincinnati’s Favourite Beer 2021


Oh my God. Oh damn yeah After 5 rounds, a month of lengthy field research and 53,664 votes … we only have 2 cans of brewery left in the race for Cincinnati’s favorite beer in 2021. One of them may sound familiar It’s been here before in 2019 and won everything. The other one looks familiar to me, hell The brewery has been around for 150 years.

That’s right, the final matchup is 2019 Champion Gavel Banger from Taft’s Brewing Company versus Bohemian special brew from the Wiedemann Brewing Company.

[ VOTE HERE on the FINAL MATCHUP March 22-24 ]

Gavel Banger was the only # 2 seed to survive the Elite 8 round and came back with the thunder in the Final Four against the local # 1 favorite Oktoberfest by Samuel Adams. The Banger took the W with a score of 604 to 473. A breathtaking and decisive surprise.

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Speaking of breathtaking moods. Big Ash Brewing was a brewery de force in 2020and completes the Cinderella story with the convincing win of Backbeat Coffee Blonde. The new golden child of the brewery, vanilla cream, tried to carry the torch this year and looked ominous in previous rounds. But the bracket rookie Bohemian Special Brew, this year’s new beauty of the ball, put an end to Big Ash’s repetition dreams.

And this one was close. Just 38 votes separated the two seeds of Powerhouse 1 with a staggering 685 to 647 final score. The Gavel Banger crowd may have had to stretch a bit before the final match. Both Bohemian and Vanilla Cream showed more Final Four votes than the 2 seeds.

You know what happens next! You can decide who can take home all the boastful rights and this year’s (glorious) trophy. Voting for the final begins on Monday March 22nd. Will you choose the bracket rookie camp with deep roots and history? Or will you choose the hoppy champion? Choose wisely.

The last two beers in the race for Cincinnati's favorite beer in 2021.

Get to know the last 2

This is how the Untappd beer page describes our two finalists:

Bohemian special brew: “A refreshing Bohemian-style lager, brewed with a proprietary blend of barley malt and aromatic hops. Made famous by George Wiedemann’s original Bohemian special, which has been brewed in Newport Kentucky for more than 100 years. Served cold and crispy, our new Wiedemann’s Special Lager pays tribute to this local brewing tradition. “

Gavel Banger: “American IPA brewed and dry-hopped with heaps of citra and mosaic hops. Juicy, hoppy justice. 2019: Gold – Ohio Craft Brewers Cup.”

The voting guide for the final:

  • Voting for the final is open from Monday, March 22nd, 12:01 a.m. to Wednesday, March 24, at 5:00 p.m.
  • You can vote once per matchup and round this year.
  • The winner will be announced on Sunday March 28th.
  • Go to Cincinnati.com/ThingsToDo for the voting links and the breakdown of the brackets.

The data:

Nominations: February 22-28.

Round 1: March 8th to 9th.

Sweet 16: March 11-12.

Elite 8: March 15-16.

Final Four: 18.-19. March.

Final: March 22nd to 24th.


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