Softball: Ohio drops three video games in weekend sequence to Toledo


Despite leading the weekend on the offensive, Ohio couldn’t find the rhythm to play their weekend streak against Toledo. The Bobcats came out on top in game two on Friday but failed to match that energy on Saturday, resulting in their third losing streak of the season.

Ohio (12-13, 8-8 Mid-American Conference) had a chance to hold their own on a team with a near-even record in the MAC, but stumbled and now has a record below .500 for the first time since then in mid-March.

Game 1: 10-8 Toledo

Despite all the insults Ohio can bring, it’s hard to come back from deficits. Katie Yun started the seventh inning 10-5 and started a last chance rally with a homer to left midfield. Yun was there to hit Friday and the seventh inning rocket was her second home run of the day.

In fact, all of the bobcats swung at the fences. All of the runs in Ohio were the result of his six home runs. Shortly after Yun’s explosion, Mikenzie Vaughn also returned to the center-left. The home run put both Vaughn and freshman Annalia Paoli and Ohio so much closer to sending the game into extra innings.

Unfortunately the rally ended there. The Bobcats were out of juice and they quietly went downstairs to end the first game with a loss.

Game 2: 10-7 Ohio

In game two it was Ohio’s turn to hit double digits. The Bobcats were warmed up from the first game of Friday’s double header and ready to strike back. A fifth inning of five runs brought the game to 7-7, and an offensive climb led by three RBIs from Emily Walker crowned a strong late-game performance by the Bobcats.

Senior Madi McCrady tossed her seventh full game this season, hitting seven and leaving only two. McCrady sits near the top of the pitching rotation in Ohio, and her experience as the oldest starter has proven effective in the county.

Game 3: 5-4 Toledo

Friday gave Ohio hope that it might be able to win, or at least share, the streak with Toledo. Saturday ruined this hope.

A triple rally in the seventh inning had ended the game 4-4 for the Bobcats, and a quiet eighth kept them busy. McCrady had done well enough, crossed out, and run three through the game. All Ohio needed was a small spark to secure its second win over Toledo.

At the end of ninth place the spark went out. A home race led by Toledo’s Leah Munson shattered Ohio’s hopes of clinching victory too late.

Game 4: 9-1 Toledo

There is no worse way to end a series than with the Rule of Grace. Ohio realized this Saturday. The bats went cold after losing the extra innings, and Toledo ran rampant over them.

The Bobcats only managed two hits in their fourth game, a pair of singles from Paoli and Allie Englant in the first inning. Englant scored the day’s only run for the Bobcats after Walker struck a victim fly to right field.

Toledo was in full control for the rest of the game. Ohio pitcher Mackensie Kohl allowed nine runs and two home runs in four innings, including a fourth inning with six runs that spurred referees to end the game after the fifth inning.

After two weekends, the Bobcats finally return to Ohio Softball Field for a weekend series of four games against Bowling Green. The first game is scheduled for April 16 at 3 p.m.

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