Shelters serving to individuals throughout pandemic within the Toledo space


A new transport bus with all-round graphics and new window treatments in the center of Cherry Mission reminds people that our community is “hungry for change”.

TOLEDO, Ohio – In addition to serving meals, Cherry Street expands the message that their mission is also about feeding the future. A new transport bus with wraparound graphics and new window treatments on Monroe Street of the Life Revitalization Center reminds passers-by that our community is hungry for change.

Cherry Street has been known throughout Northwest Ohio for over 70 years as the constant source of food and shelter for our city’s most vulnerable people. But even after a good meal, guests at Cherry Street Mission Ministries are still hungry.

The campaign includes guests, volunteers and staff.

For the guests, many have met and exceeded expectations on their journey out of homelessness.

“The Hungry for Change campaign aims to blur the line between the guests on Cherry Street and all of us in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan,” said CEO Ann Ebbert. “We’re all hungry for change, hungry for a career with a living wage, or hungry for a better future. We want the community to see people affected by homelessness as people who are ready to fight for better days and exceed expectations with some compassion and support to move them forward. “

The ward has been an incredible supporter of the mission over the years, and Cherry Street hopes this message will resonate with people in the surrounding areas and beyond, as they continue to satisfy the hunger for change in our ward through spiritual development of the workforce can promote health, education and partnerships in the community.

During the pandemic, Cherry Street continued to provide food, shelter, safety, and more to vulnerable members of our community. Although the services are limited to residents of the house to ensure the safety of guests, the mission has been determined in its course.

Psychiatric care, development work, and community services are still going on on Cherry Street, offering hope and future for those who rely on Cherry Street to make it through another day.

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