Reacts – How good can these Cincinnati Reds actually be?


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Baseball returned in its fullest form on Thursday since 2019. But with that comes all the major questions that affect every team across the country and the league itself.

According to the latest results from SB Nation Reacts, five percent of fans in the league believe the Reds will win NL Central. They are chasing them St. Louis Cardinalswho earned 58 percent.

To give Reds fans a unique look at the team this year, fans of rival teams in the league were asked what they thought of the organization. Fans of Cleveland and the Pittsburgh Pirates Don’t expect much from the Reds in 2021.

Fans also voted nationwide on who they believe will take home the league’s biggest awards at the end of the season. New Yorker Gerrit Cole led the vote with 37 percent for AL Cy Young.

In the NL MetsAce Jacob deGrom received 52 percent of the vote. He knocked out Walker Buehler, who came closest with 16 percent.

The AL MVP was just as dramatic in its first-election rift. Angel superstar Mike Trout received 69 percent of the vote and blew the next best player – Aaron Judge – away with just 10 percent.

The next vote took place in the NL vote for MVP. San Diego Padres The young star Fernando Tatis Jr. displaced the field with 26 percent. He struck tightly Dodgers Outfielder Mookie Betts with 25 percent, Nationals bat Juan Soto with 22 percent and Atlanta star Ronald Acuña Jr. with 19 percent.

Despite all the excitement on opening day, the feeling for the entire league is still extremely mixed. Fans were asked which word best describes the game at the moment. Exciting, Confused, Good, and Chaos were among the top options.

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