Public Library Of Youngstown & Mahoning County: Scavenger Hunt For Children


A great way for kids to get busy in the summer is on a great treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. When children take part in a treasure hunt, their faces glow with excitement. Children love indoor or outdoor activities where they look for hidden objects.

In this game, the organizers make a list of items that the participants seek, collect, or collect to complete the list of items. Children or adults can work together to complete the list.

Before embarking on a scavenger hunt, there are a few things to keep in mind that include how many people are participating in the activity and where the activity will be. Some places to consider are a garden, park, house, museum, art gallery, or the neighborhood.

Choose a theme or format for the treasure hunt. The subject could be pirates, detectives, aliens, soccer, or nature. It is important to decide where to hide the treasure hunt pieces and create the treasure hunt clues. Check if any clues or activities are where they need to be and make sure the treasure hunt doesn’t take too long.

On your bookshelf scavenger hunt

A book with pictures

A book without words

A picture book

A book about animals

A book about a film

A favorite book

A book your favorite author wrote

A rhyming book

A book about sports

A book you’ve read more than once

Have fun in the great outdoors and have an adventure finding all the items on the carving list!

Rock shit

A tree A beetle

A flower A stick

A bush of clouds

A bird A butterfly

A leaf. A green leaf

A squirrel A vehicle

A dog a friend

A house The sun

A sidewalk A stop sign

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Treasure hunt by Allan Ahlberg

Treasure hunt by Maria Barbo

Max & Ruby’s Treasure Hunt by Rosemary Wells

Peppa Pig and the treasure hunt

We’re going on a treasure hunt from Kelly DiPucchio


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