Most GameStop Shops Unaffected by Inventory Surge, Besides in Cleveland



GameStop’s frenzy is all the rage in the investment world, but brick and mortar store employees have little impact on their work day unless they happen to be working in Cleveland.

TMZ reached out to GameStop locations in 20 major US cities to see if customers got on Reddit because of the noise from the WallStreetBets group.

Sixteen stores – including in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, San Fran, and San Diego – said this was the status quo for customers.

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One thing, hedge fund managers and even WallStreetBets founders Jaime RogozinskiI agree that GameStop’s future is not promising. Hell, 3 stores – in Miami, Philly and NYC – told us business was slower than usual. Miami had a whopping 8 customers on Thursday.

Cleveland is the exception, however, where sales are up 100% from last week. We have learned that several customers have been credited to this branch the stock surge story for the inspiration to visit and support GameStop … so it doesn’t go under.

On the other hand … the manager of a Minneapolis location tells us that he received an angry phone call from someone who is upset that he can’t trade GameStop stock on Robinhood.

As we reported … the stock buying frenzy of GameStop, AMC, BlackBerry, and a handful of other companies led to Robinhood Stop trading to them, who upset retail investors who believe the move will only benefit hedge funds.

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Robinhood’s decision has already led to this to get suedand has fueled the debate about what is acceptable, responsible, and fair in the Wall Street world … and even the “wolf” has Weighed in thereon.