Mike Tressel joins Cincinnati Bearcats workers


Head Coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats Luke Fickell has found his next defense coordinator. According to Pete Thamel, Yahoo Sports national college football reporter, it’s the Bearcats expected to name Mike Tressel as defense coordinator.

Tressel is a longtime assistant to the Michigan State Spartans. He worked for the Spartans in various functions for 14 years. Last season Tressel was the safety coach, but also has experience as a defensive coordinator.

Thamel reported that Tressel has had a good relationship with Fickell that dates back to her time in the state of Ohio.

“He’s a longtime assistant to the Michigan State and the school’s former DC under Mark Dantonio“Said Thamel.”Luke Fickell and Tressel worked together in Ohio State in the early 2000s. “

The Bearcats will rely on Tressel replace former defense coordinator Marcus Freeman when he goes to Notre Dame. Tressel put together a solid run with the Spartans during his tenure. He helped the Spartans Defense six times to get into the top 10 in overall defense.

As a result, the Spartans became known for their defense. In 2018, the Spartans were rated as one of the best goal defenses in the country.

Former Michigan State Head Coach Mike Dantonio praised Tressel for doing a great job with the program in 2019. He said Tressel had a great job on defense Under him.

“Mike has grown tremendously” Mark Dantonio MLive said in 2019. “Mike is as good a coordinator as we are – attention to detail – and we’ve had great ones so it’s not taking away from anyone. But the excellence currently on the defensive side of the ball is an indication of that. “

Tressel began his coaching career in 1996 as a graduate assistant in South Dakota. He finally rose to the ranks of coaches and achieved an assistant role at various stations alongside Dantonio.

He will return to the Bearcats for the second time in his career. Tressel was the program’s linebacker coach during the 2004 season. During his time with the Bearcats from 2004 to 2006, he also took on a special team role.

The move is a great addition to Fickell and his employees. Freeman did a great job building the Bearcats defense which ended 12-1 this season. The Bearcats also earned a trip to the Sugar Bowl and faced the Georgia Bulldogs.

How the Bearcats build up the defense under Tressel remains to be seen. However, Fickell and the program have taken a step forward to replace Freeman this season.

Bearcats Recruiting Director Chad Bowden told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the program is ongoing looking for quarrel with some of the top programs. It’s possible Tressel will help point them in the right direction next season.

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“We’re going to work day and night to make sure Cincinnati is fighting with teams like Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Clemson,” Bowden said. “We really believe we are the Clemson before Clemson. Clemson fought 8-10 years ago. They went to the six New Year bowls. We really feel like we’re next. “