Metropolis of Toledo | Metropolis of Toledo Completes Sale of Extra Than 110 Acres…


In the past few weeks, the Department of Economic Development has worked hard to complete the transfer of four urban properties, which will result in the retention of 193 jobs, the creation of 335 jobs and a capital investment of $ 41 million. “Our team worked tirelessly to close these transactions in record time to bring these job creation projects to life.” Brandon Sehlhorst, the city’s commissioner for economic development, said. “Between the four projects, more than 110 hectares of unused urban property will be productively used again to create jobs, investments and sales for the city.”

  1. Textileather, 3808 Twining St.
    Earlier this week, Stellantis completed the purchase of the 40 hectare Textileather property from the city. The company will shortly begin construction of a $ 23,000 vehicle customization facility on an area of ​​250,000 square feet. The project will create 300 jobs with annual wages of $ 12 million.
  2. Capital Commons, 5600 Angola Rd.
    Estes Express Lines recently acquired the 50 acre Capital Commons property from the city. Estes is a private freight transport company that provides end-to-end transport and custom logistics services internationally. The company plans to spend more than $ 4 million to expand its 33,100 square foot cross-dock terminal by 24,800 square feet. The expansion is necessary to meet the growing demand for Estes services. The acquisition of the Capital Commons property gave the company the space it needed to expand and stay in the city of Toledo. The project will retain 193 employees and create 15 jobs.
  3. Triad Business Park
    The city recently closed its last available lot in the Triad Business Park. The 6.51 acre property was sold to a company that will invest $ 12 million to build a new facility that will create 20 full-time positions. The property is located in the Maumee-Monclova-Toledo Economic Development Zone, where Toledo receives a portion of the income tax generated within the zone.
  4. 1821 St.
    As part of the city’s commitment to the Glass City Metropark and Riverwalk projects, an urban plot of land was recently transferred to Metroparks Toledo, which is being expanded as a municipal campsite.