Hope Wellness information being moved to Columbus


HOPE – CVS Pharmacy is transferring the Hope Wellness Pharmacy record to its Columbus store.

“CVS Pharmacy has entered into an agreement to acquire the retail records of Panacea Pharmacy of Bloomington, IN. and Hope Wellness Pharmacy in Hope, IN, ”wrote Matt Blanchette, CVS retail communications manager.

The Hope Wellness Pharmacy prescription records acquired will be “securely and confidential” transferred to the CVS store at 1865 N. National Road in Columbus on Monday, Blanchette said. Copies are also sent to a CVS location in Hanover, Indiana – 53 miles from Hope.

“We are working to ensure that the transition is seamless for patients and that access to pharmacy supplies is not interrupted,” said Blanchette.

The loss of the Hope Wellness pharmacy means the end of the free delivery service for the low-income Hope residents who requested and needed it, Hope representatives said.

Chelsea Warriner, executive director of the Community Center of Hope, whose organization operates a pantry, is familiar with the needs of many low-income residents who have depended on a Hope pharmacy.

“I’d say at least 60% of our customers are in this population,” said Warriner. “It’s disappointing that you have to go to Columbus now for your prescriptions. It’s also sad to see Hope Wellness leaving town on such short notice. “

The median family income in Hope is $ 54,131 compared to $ 74,128 in Columbus. This is based on the latest data from City-Data.com.

Census shows that 13.1% of Hope’s residents have incomes below the poverty rate. This includes 18.2% of disabled men and 16.6% of disabled women.

Prior to Hope Wellness opening in early 2017, city council members said some healthy and younger Hope residents are struggling to find transportation to larger pharmacy communities.

“I can still see this is a problem,” Warriner said of the pharmacy’s closure.

But one of the saddest things is watching another company in your town shut its doors for good, Warriner said.