HEAVY beer opening rooftop bar on Adams Road in Toledo


HEAVY Beer was created by the people who run Toledo Spirits. You plan to create an unparalleled experience centered around food, entertainment, beer, and incredible views.

TOLEDO, Ohio – The owners of Toledo Spirits and Black Kite Coffee are now looking to expand their newest business.

HEAVY beer will move into a building on 13th and Adams Street that has been vacant for years.

Go down the stairs to the Toledo Spirits basement and you will find their newest venture, HEAVY Beer.

It opened in May and now founders Andrew Newby and Dustin Wade are planning to expand.

“Much more than just beer, that’s how we create this experience and then drink the beer,” said Wade.

Toledo Spirits started out with a few tech guys who shared a passion for libations. As that grew, they decided to turn to another love: beer.

And this beer business needs more space.

“The room is so dramatic. Once we get in here and do our job, it’ll be more,” said Newby.

The building has remains of an old car dealership and is the kind of big, blank slate that is looking for some love.

Newby likes the potential of the interior, but it’s a foray to the roof of the building that sold it.

The goal of this three story building goes beyond beer.

It’s a whole experience.

From the roof down, one floor is planned for events and music, another for an arcade and games and the foundation on the ground floor.

It will house a taproom and non-profit diner where local foodies can try to bring their own brands to market.

“No matter where you go in the building, the brewery and taproom will be part of the experience; it is not being pushed into the background, it is being pushed to the very front, ”said Newby.

The process is still in its infancy, so HEAVY Beer’s goal is to complete the project in about two years.

HEAVY Beer will also open a location this fall in partnership with the metroparks at Oak Openings.