Accused Florida intercourse offender discovered hiding in Cleveland house


CLEVELAND – US Marshals arrested a man in Cleveland who is wanted outside the state for alleged sexual offenses.

According to official sources, 21-year-old Christian Prince is being charged with indecent or lascivious battery against a 15-year-old girl in Lee County, Florida. He later fled to Ohio, where authorities traced his whereabouts to a house at 6,900 am on Denison Avenue.

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According to law enforcement, Prince was found hidden in the rafters under some blankets. He was taken into custody without incident.

“Once again a South Florida refugee believes he can find a hiding place here in Cleveland, Ohio, and once again members of our task force find him within hours and arrest him,” Marshal Pete Elliot said in a statement. “Ohio will not be a haven for those on the run.”

Prince is currently being held in Cuyahoga County Jail pending extradition to Lee County.