George Washington III Makes Journey to Cincinnati


The 2023 basketball class in Kentucky is preparing to be one of the strongest classes the Commonwealth has seen in years. Kaleb Glenn, Reed Sheppard, and George Washington III are all in the top 75 nationwide in the 2023 class after 247 sports. With the release of new national rankings earlier this week, high school basketball players across the country now have a feel for where they stand in the eyes of major scouting services. Bearcat Journal caught up on Washington after visiting Cincinnati to hear his thoughts on the program, his response to recruitment rankings, and his recruitment status.

“I feel like my name is a blessing from God on the rankings. I know what it’s like not to see your name on these lists and see that the progress feels deserved, but I have to keep working with people ahead of me and unranked players, ”Washington said.

Washington moved his family to Kentucky from Texas less than a year ago after his father found a job coaching high school basketball in Kentucky after serving as an assistant coach on the University of Texas basketball team. So far he’s digging the change.

“It’s a relief to be up here in a basketball setting and I try to take my skills to another level every time I’m in the gym. Living in an area that values ​​basketball is a breath of fresh air after all of the soccer stress in Texas, ”said Washington.

“I got to Cincinnati at 3:40 pm and we walked through the gym and facilities. It was amazing and everything looked brand new. The entire campus looks brand new and while it’s an older school, you can’t tell. I love Coach Miller’s energy and I got to watch them workout and he’s a great guy. He believes in his players and they try hard, ”Washington said.

Washington’s recruiting has really taken off as he holds scholarship offers from Ohio State, Louisville, and Auburn. Cincinnati is hard-recruiting him along with Florida State, Liberty, Oklahoma State, George Washington, and UNLV.

“The most important factors for me are fit. The name of the program can be impressive, but the fit, the coach’s belief in me, and the steps as a person and player in the program. It’s important to me to win at the college level and win beyond that (professionally), ”said Washington.

“The academics are also very important. I’m not sure what to study, but psychology, sociology, and political science are all possible. I currently have a 4.1 GPA. I like school and want to use my AP classes to get my grade point average to 4.5. I am very proud of my academics, ”said Washington.

Bearcat Journal will be in touch with Washington for updates on its recruitment. Stay tuned to BCJ for all the latest on your Cincinnati soccer and basketball team and recruitment information.