Twins 8*, Cleveland 5: Manfredball is damaged


Baseball has well-known unwritten rules: don’t talk about a no-hitter, don’t swing 3-0 against a positional player, and don’t flip your bat. Well, Manfredball also has unwritten rules: the twins always lose, and normally competent twin pitchers look terrible. One of those unwritten rules was broken today.


Go Twins Go and all that!

Cleveland opened the game by getting back to the twins’ starter, today JA Happ. Jose Ramirez doubled in Cesar Hernandez and Eddie Rosario in Ramirez in the first game, allowing the Lakesiders to take two early leads. Amed Rosario won the second game in Yu Chang to secure a total of three runs for Zach Plesac, which would normally have been enough for Cleveland’s vaunted rotation. Also, Ch and C shouldn’t produce the same sound. Why does his name rhyme?

Anyway, the twins came back today in anger, once again over the big inning. Zac Plesach (see how silly that is) was knocked out before he could finish fourth but after the twins got five runs. Max Kepler continued his dominance in pitching in Cleveland, hitting a bombshell with Josh Donaldson and Luis Arraez on the base to tie the game. Folk hero Rob Refsnyder RBI’d and Andrelton Simmons grounded in one run to make the score favorable for the twins.

Twin wins are not easy in 2021, however. Cleveland would run away, add a run in fifth to make it a one-run game, and then tie it in ninth and send us to Manfredball. And everyone knows what that means.

Everyone except Kyle Garlick, who hit a homer with three runs up in tenth place to give us our bottom line. Tyler Duffey had the ghost runner advance with a sack fly and walked into the inning with a man, but was unharmed.

* Imagine runners only count in Manfredball, so the actual score was 7-5.

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No duds, twins win
But also Rob Manfred