Galla Park Steak in Columbus’ Brief North takes fashionable method to basic mannequin


Blush at first sight, Galla Park Steak looks different from the clubby, dimly lit chop houses of the past.

The Short North’s newest restaurant is sleek and stylish, with buoyant grays, greens, and pinks offset by black accents, comfy seating, and an active bar area. It offers a contemporary, dynamic environment at 900 N. High St.

“We call it a modern steakhouse if you’re looking for a social, interactive dining experience,” said Adam Solomon, director of the Peerless Management Group in Columbus, which opened Galla Park Steak on April 21.

The dining area of ​​the Galla Park Steak features driving grays, greens, and pinks that are offset by black accents, comfortable seating, and an active bar area.

The menu features an abundance of restructured dishes such as lobster snails made in the same traditional style as the timeless snail dish with garlic butter, Gruyere cheese, and toasted tips.

Galla has a more up-to-date approach to steaks, sourcing its meat from select top quality farms in Ohio and beyond, Solomon said.

“The focus of our company is on premium products at low premium prices,” he said.

“Steak is incredibly hard to come by right now,” said Solomon. “We’re not going to deviate from this premium product.”

Another benefit for customers, Solomon said, is that the meat is sliced ​​before it reaches the table, which encourages people to share their meals. That bony cowboy ribeye, which costs $ 74, could feed two, he said.

Ribeye is a menu item at Galla Park Steak in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus.

Sauces, toppings, and side dishes – hollandaise, creamed corn, and blue cheese, to name a few – are part of the standard steakhouse model.

Solomon said other starters are priced to meet most budgets. There are two pasta dishes that use fresh noodles from a Cincinnati supplier – pappardelle with clam sauce for $ 16 and bucatini with grana padano cheese and cracked black pepper – a dish called cacio e pepe – for $ 12.

A $ 21 burger may seem a bit steep, but Solomon said it’s one to last – ground food, short rib, and New York strips topped with a small gem salad, white cheddar, and a tomato and bacon jam .

“I’ve tried about 19 different burger mixes that companies customized for me and that’s what I picked,” said Solomon.

Main courses include moqueca, a Brazilian seafood medley made with rice, coconut milk, and dende oil.

In the attractive bar, Galla has introduced innovations with smoked cocktails.

For the “Bubble” drink, a food-grade dome is filled with citrus vapor that sticks to the edge of the glass after the dome has been removed. It is not only visually noticeable when the bubble bursts. The citrus steam also spices the drink, Solomon said.

The bubble drink is available at Galla Park Steak.

“The cocktail program is intense and fun,” he said. “We do a lot of smoked things. We do a lot of fun things. “

The wine list is handpicked and offers a large selection of red wines from the steak family. Galla holds options from Schrader Cellars, an elite American producer based in California.

The Peerless Management Group owns several restaurants and nightclubs in Ohio and the Midwest, including Fireproof restaurant, a tapas and wine bar, also just north, and Galla Park, which is another Cincinnati restaurant.

Peerless has additional plans in the short north, having just signed a lease for the vacant Black Point space on the cap over Interstate 670. Solomon would not disclose the concept.

The kitchen hours for the Galla Park Steak are Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Sundays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. The bar closes at 2:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays

For more information, call 614-826-0023.

Galla Park Steak is located on 900 N. High St. in the Short North neighborhood of Columbus

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