Downtown Cleveland membership cited for violating state COVID-19 orders


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COLUMBUS (WJW) – Last night an Ohio club was found to be violating various state health regulations Ohio Investigative Unit reported.

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Although a nationwide curfew is being lifted, other health regulations still exist, such as wearing masks and proper social distancing.

The downtown Cleveland club in St. Clair was quoted after being watched by the Ohio Investigative Unit for a reported violation:

The DSTRKT Club in Cleveland: Agents arrived at the facility around 12:30 pm and found that customers were not socially distant and very close to one another. At the bar, guests were seen ordering drinks while standing right behind those seated upstairs at the bar. According to agents, few physical barriers were erected throughout the operation and most people (employees and customers) were not wearing masks. The bar was quoted as having inappropriate behavior – disorderly activity.

The case is under review by the Ohio Liquor Control Commission and includes potential fines and suspensions of alcohol permits.

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Three other Cleveland bars were quoted after St. Patrick’s Day earlier this week.

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