Dell Toledo From American Horror Story Is Unrecognizable In Actual Life


Although the physical transformation is pretty easy to shed, Chiklis said he had a harder time shedding the emotional baggage that came with playing someone as damaged as Toledo. “By staying in this room for five or six months, it starts chasing you,” said Chiklis Weekly entertainment. “It didn’t reach me at first, but after a while, especially after I started doing the darker things, I kind of had to leave it behind. I saw a lot of comedy.”

Chiklis may have had a tough time getting rid of the character, but he admitted that he would be returning for another season of the show if asked. He also said he enjoyed working with the cast on the show. “If you get into a cast in their fourth season and they are really successful, it could go a lot of different ways and they couldn’t have been more supportive and welcoming and lovable, and I consider them all friends now.” he said.