Columbus organizations create cooling heart throughout excessive temperatures


COLUMBUS, miss. (WTVA) – Thermometers in northeast Mississippi continue to rise, and they won’t go down anytime soon.

So groups in Columbus have come together to provide a place to stay for people struggling on these hot days.

The Golden Triangle Regional Homeless Coalition has opened a refrigeration center in Propst Park in Columbus. Recorded: July 29, 2021.

The Golden Triangle Regional Homeless Coalition, Columbus Community Outreach, Loaves and Fishes, and the city worked to open the old American Legion building in Propst Park to open the refrigerated shelter Thursday.

Loaves of bread and fish provide one meal a day, and donations make it possible to have more full meals during the hot weekend.

The shelter has almost 20 beds and stays open until 8 a.m. on Sundays.

With temperatures approaching three-digit numbers, Glenda Richardson, director of community outreach, hopes anyone without a cool place to stay will find their way to the building.

“We just want to make sure people don’t get heat stroke, don’t get dehydrated, and know they have a place to come,” said Richardson.

If you can’t get to the refrigeration center, Richardson said you should call the Columbus Police. They will give you a free ride to the shelter.