Crosstown ‘Tip-Off’ provides up for Cincinnati restaurant employees


CINCINNATI – In a spirit of competitive generosity, UC and Xavier fans have started giving big tips to restaurant workers in the Cincinnati area.

Employees who worked amid the pandemic told WCPO photojournalist Matthew Wood that these giant tips, some of which are over $ 1,000, add up in meaningful ways.

“Everyone here works really, really hard,” said Ryan McFarland, server and bartender at Incline Public House. “Everyone does everything they can every day, so it’s definitely good to see that we can really help all of the staff.

“I’m a UC alum so it’s fun to see two schools already having a heated rivalry rather than doing something in hate to help people,” he said.

Arnold’s Bar & Grill server Christen Collins said she was shocked to receive one of the $ 1,000 Crosstown tips.

“It really surprised me, I went to the managers and said, ‘Is this real? Is this really happening?’ That’s perfectly legitimate, “she said.

For Red Feather Kitchen employees, the pandemic meant scaling down to a “skeleton crew” who did their best to provide a quality dining experience. Her employees received a tip of $ 1,500 on Tuesday.

“It really speaks to the Cincinnati community and the great people we have here,” said Brad Bernstein, the chef and owner of Red Feather Kitchen. “It’s just fantastic to be separated from a community that cares.”