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1991 FA Chadbourn Home

2001 Ed Schellin and pharmacist Lyle Sampson

Ed Schellin and pharmacist Lyle Sampson

Columbus Area Historical Society

Columbus Area Historical Society

The annual Buddy Poppy sale was scheduled for April 30th. The sale, which takes place on Memorial Day, is designed to draw attention to the sacrifices of our veterans.

Al Abrams, chairman of the Board of Publics Works, reported that the Highway 151 bypass will be built after 1975.

Freddy, a 4 year old stag, broke up and took a tour of Fireman’s Park and golf course while being followed by students, police officers, and park staff. This was Freddy’s third trip outside of the deer enclosure.

45-year-old Robert McNulty of Columbus saved a 4-year-old neighbor from drowning in the Wolf River at his summer home. McNulty, his wife, and grandson Austin Hays helped with the rescue.

An exciting “premiere” for Columbus Community Hospital was the first use of laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove the gallbladder. Dr. Craig Campbell and Dr. Joseph Militello performed the operation on patient Vicky Laufenberg.

The State Historical announced the addition of FA Chadbourn House, 314 South Charles St., to the National Register of Historic Places. The Poser family has owned the house and carriage for many years.