Cleveland Kitchen Honors the Flavors of Korea with the Debut of Basic Kimchi


CLEVELAND, February 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After years of consumer inquiries and countless personal batches, Cleveland kitchenThe latest high-probiotic creation is a celebration of Korea’s favorite side dish – kimchi! Focusing on delicious and healthy plant-based foods, the culinary brand is adding another classic world-class fermented cabbage dish to its product line with the help of Cleveland local and korean chef Heejung Gumbs, Recipe developer and cook at the family business Korea House Restaurant. This delicious, authentic taste experience can be eaten daily with eggs, salads, rice bowls, sandwiches and any dish that needs a touch of warmth.

Cleveland Kitchen Classic Kimchi

As a brand whose mission is to make fermented foods available to all, Cleveland Kitchen prides itself on bringing deliciously spicy food that will be loved by many. The Cleveland Kitchen Brothers, Drew and Mac Andersonappreciate their multicultural upbringing, which was heavily influenced by their Asian grandmother and immigrant matriarch, who passed the tradition on to their children and grandchildren. Her personal experience of international cuisine has led her to adore kimchi and have eaten at the Korea House Restaurant since childhood. Now you have a great opportunity to work with the chef Heejung button, born and raised in Jeolla-do, a province known for having the best kimchi to give this creation its authentic flavors. This pickled side variant uses cabbage paired with fresh garlic, vegetables, crispy carrots, and gochugaru peppers. Like every fresh ferment from Cleveland Kitchen, Classic Kimchi is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and plant-based. Each serving is only 10 calories and contains plenty of healthy probiotics.

“Our team is excited to introduce our version of kimchi to consumers when we were introduced to the dish at a very young age by our grandmother, who loved to share the tasty local cuisine with our family,” said Co-Founder and CEO from Cleveland Kitchen, Drew Anderson. “Our hope for this flavorful, fresh and authentic take is to give those curious about the unmatched taste and health benefits another entry into gourmet fermented foods. We have a high quality product for existing herb and flavor Kimchi products develop enthusiasts and are so happy to have the honor of working closely with the chef Heejung Gumbs on this recipe. We know that we can share something very special with our customers. “

“Our family has had a close relationship with the founders of Cleveland Kitchen for over a decade, and I was very excited when they asked to work together on this particular project,” he said Heejung Gumbs, Recipe developer and head chef at Korea House Restaurant. “Kimchi is a real treasure in Korean cuisine. Working with Cleveland Kitchen and being able to share the healthy and tasty cuisine of my community in America has been a very fun and rewarding experience.”

Look out for the bags of Cleveland Kitchen’s Classic Kimchi in the cooling section of Sprouts stores across the country $ 5.99 or grab the 16-ounce container online at for all dining occasions. For more information on the brand, please visit Cleveland Kitchen’s Instagram page at or visit their website.

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Cleveland Kitchen started with three brothers, cabbage, and a traditional family recipe. The brothers began their fermenting journey in college to keep in touch with them Cleveland rooted and began creating fresh, crispy, probiotic herbs that used simple ingredients like vegetables, garlic and salt. After serving their delicious sauerkraut at the local farmers’ markets, the founders expanded their availability and now offer their first-class products across the country. Today Cleveland Kitchen is an innovative culinary brand focused on making fermented products that taste amazing and are healthy for everyone. For more information, please visit and follow theirs Instagram page.

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