Cincinnati Opera brings Winter Pageant to the small display screen


CINCINNATI – Frigid temperatures and pandemic caution will keep most of us in suspense this weekend. The Cincinnati Opera invites you to treat yourself to a free night at the opera from the comfort of your home.

The Cincinnati Opera had to cancel its season last year due to the pandemic. So they decided to put together a free winter festival full of artistic performances that starts on Friday.

Evans Mirageas, artistic director of the Cincinnati Opera, said the move to a smaller stage had given the opera the opportunity to do something different.

“We wanted to give some comfort and a signal that we would be performing live again, but now you are doing something with us that we would not do in a normal opera season,” said Mirageas. “We rarely get these smaller pieces that are perfect for the screen.”

The festival consists of three productions that the opera has been working on for almost a year. The first to premiere on Friday on the opera’s websitemeans “opera … from the point of view of a sistah”.

The second will be “After Aida”, which premieres on February 19th and is based on Giuseppe Verdi, who composed the legendary opera “Aida”.

The third is Wanderlust, which will be available on March 5th. Mirageas described it as a tale of ancient and exotic lands with “steamy, hot house music for the middle of winter”.

“It bypasses your intellect and goes straight to your heart,” said Mirageas. “You can get as smart and nerdy as you want the opera to be, and a lot of people including me, but it’s also the thrill you get when you hear a great human voice that most of us can’t and with such make great passion and commitment that will make you an opera fan. “

The performances are all recorded and Available upon registration on the Cincinnati Opera website free until the end of March.