One transfer the Cleveland Browns must make to get to Superbowl LVI


Gregg Rosenthal wrote how any AFC team could replace the Chiefs in Superbowl LVI. What do you think the Cleveland Browns have to do?

The Cleveland Browns have had their best season in over 20 years. Baker Mayfield took impressive steps on the line. Kevin Stefanski has proven with his professionalism and offensive skills that he is the head coach’s answer.

The defense was in the works but they were making big games and stopped in some crucial situations. Andrew Berry found some gems in Ronnie HarrisonJr. and Malcolm Smith continued to devastate the defense after injuries. Overall, the Browns and the players have gotten through trouble since day one, and it showed until the final buzzer sounded in Kansas City.

In the end, the Browns fell a little short of the ultimate goal of the Superbowl LV. What step can the Browns take to go further next year?

Improve the linebacker?

We’ve all seen the linebacker game hurt the Browns defense in 2020. Mack Wilson has never taken the step forward he had most hoped for. BJ Goodson seemed to start slowly and get better as the year went on, but is still more solid than spectacular. Sione Takitaki took steps forward and could make a huge contribution in 2021 if the arrow continues upwards.

Veteran Malcolm Smith came in and did a good job in the field. Overall, however, the game wasn’t good enough. Maybe they add another post to the draft or find a cheap veteran in the free agency, but the linebacking unit needs improvement. The most obvious answer is clearly the one Rosenthal pointed out, isn’t it? Um, actually no.

Apparently, having one of the worst performing units in the NFL isn’t the only solution leading the way to the Superbowl LVI. So if not the linebackers then what is the answer.