Cincinnati Cyclones Launch Greenback Beers and Promotions Schedule for 2021-2022 Hockey Season at Heritage Financial institution Heart, in Cincinnati Sports activities Information


Let’s build these Beeramids, Cincinnati Cyclones fans!Photo: Jesse Fox

Nothing says autumn like cheering on the local hockey team with delicious, cheap beer.

Last week, the Cincinnati Cyclones released their action plan for the 2021-2022 season. And while CityBeat loves giveaways and character appearances as much as anyone else, there is one thing that really makes our hearts beat faster during the hockey season.

Dollar beer.

Did you hear us Dollar beer!

The team is bringing back Cincinnati’s best way to drink, starting with the home kick-off on October 30th. The cyclones will take on fuel from Indy, Indianapolis, at the Heritage Bank Center and offers $ 1 beer, pizza, hot dogs, and soda. It will be the Cyclones’ first game in about a year and a half since the Coronavirus pandemic canceled the end of the 2019-2020 seasonn and the Cyclones have chosen the 2020-2021 season.

Can’t you do the home opener? There will be other opportunities to win cheap alcohol, including at least 12 more $ 1 beer nights and several $ 1 discount games.

If you’d prefer entertainment and mementos rather than beer, the Cyclones will cater for that too. Throughout the season, fans can equip themselves with team playing cards, holiday socks, T-shirts, beach towels and bobble heads. There will also be games featuring indoor fireworks, Viennese dog races, Marvel and DC Comics characters, and more.

August 31st the Cincinnati Cyclones announced Jayson Payne as the team’s new head coach. Payne, who had played 14 seasons and amassed 1,825 penalty minutes, was the assistant coach of the Cyclones until former head coach Matt Thomas joined the Providence Bruins, the main development team for the Boston Bruins.

For the full season schedule and promotional items, visit the Cincinnati Cyclones website.

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