Cincinnati Bengals Obtain Excessive Marks for 2020 Rookie Class


The Bengals have had their problems in the NFL draft for the past few years, but it looks like they’ll have got it right by 2020.

Not only did they land a franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow, but they also added key pieces like Tee Higgins, Logan Wilson, and others.

Pro football focus praised her for her transport last month. participated this week.

They believe the Bengals’ rookie class was 2020 was the best in AFC Nord.

“The Bengals have taken their first two picks of the 2020 NFL draft and picked a particular talent that may be able to change the franchise in Burrow.” NFL writer Nick Shook wrote. “The only negative was we didn’t get a full season from him due to a knee injury at the end of the season. Higgins turned out to be a rookie who scored 67 passes for 908 yards and six touchdowns. He appears to be.” An ideal replacement for AJ Green in the future. Wilson was Cincinnati’s first attempt at meeting its linebacker needs and he played well. He was the top Bengals linebacker on the PFF rating system and ended up among effective defenders like Bill’s linebacker Matt Milano. Wilson and Davis-Gaither both got a couple of starts – Wilson would have finished with more if he hadn’t been injured – and also played a healthy number of specialty teams. Kareem saw time in a rotating role, and Adeniji played major snapshots in three games as Cincinnati worked through Bailey mostly played specialty teams as a rookie. “

All seven draft picks made the team and contributed in 2020 which is another sign of a talented class.

The Bengals desperately need another quality move in 2021. If they meet their offensive lineman needs in the free agency and do well on draft, there is no reason they can’t be competitive next season.


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