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(Interview) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Changed guidelines for wearing masks On May 13, 2021, many Americans were a little confused. Currently, anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, large and small, without wearing a mask or maintaining a physical distance.

Anthony Fauci, senior medical advisor to President Biden, said the new guidelines are “Based on the evolution of scienceAnd “act as an incentive” Almost two-thirds of Americans Those who are not yet fully vaccinated can take pictures.

The cafe fines masked customers $ 5 and is vaccinated with COVID-19

But some people I cannot get vaccinated Because of the underlying conditions. Others whose immunity has been weakened by cancer or treatment, May not be fully protectedThrough their vaccination.. The target group are children between the ages of 12 and 15 Pfizer BioNTech vaccine only available May 10, 2021. COVID-19 vaccine not yet approved For the most 50 million children Under 12 years of age in the United States.

Some people are concerned when the restrictions are lifted and people start putting masks in their homes: can you catch them? COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) From a vaccinated person?

Vaccines don’t always prevent infection

Researchers wanted Developing a Safe COVID-19 Vaccine This is Prevent at least half Percentage of people who have been vaccinated since the onset of COVID-19 symptoms.

Fortunately, the vaccine is MuchOutperformed Expectations. For example With 6.5 million people in IsraelPfizer BioNTech’s 16 year old mRNA COVID-19 vaccine was shown to be 95.3% effective at two doses. Within two months, of the 4.7 million people who were fully vaccinated, the number of detectable infections was reduced by a factor of 30 California And TexasOnly 0.05% of fully vaccinated healthcare workers tested positive for COVID-19.

Vaccine developer in addition to disease prevention with vaccinesSterilization immunityThe vaccination prevents bacteria from entering the body in the first place. This bactericidal immunity means that the vaccinated person will no longer be infected with the virus. However, for the vaccine to be effective it does not need to prevent the infection of immunized persons with bacteria.

Is Soak inactivated polio vaccine, For example Don’t stop completely Poliovirus reproduces in the human intestine. But it is Very effective This is because it causes antibodies that prevent the virus from infecting the brain and spinal cord Vaccines offer effective and long-lasting training Due to the body’s own immune system, it is ready to trigger an optimal reaction when it actually encounters a pathogen that causes the disease.

When it comes to COVID-19, immunologists are still “Correlation of Protection, “A factor that predicts how well a person is protected against the coronavirus. Researchers believe that Optimal amount of”Neutralizing antibody“” Is a type that not only binds to the virus, but also prevents infection and offers adequate protection. Repeat the infection. Scientists are still evaluating Persistence of Immunity COVID-19 vaccine provided, Where on the body It works.

Can vaccinated people spread the coronavirus?

Immunologists hope that vaccines that protect against viral disease will also reduce transmission of the virus after vaccination. However, it is actually difficult to reliably determine whether a vaccinated person has spread the bacteria.

COVID-19 poses a particular challenge because asymptomatic and presymptomatically infected people can spread the disease. Rarely recognizedSome scientists estimate the number of asymptomatic COVID-19 infections in the entire population. Can be 3 to 20 times More research than confirmed cases may be due to undocumented cases of COVID-19 in people who have experienced an asymptomatic or very mild illness. Up to 86% of all infectionsOther research Contrary to high estimates..

To A studyThe CDC tested health care volunteers and other workers in eight locations in the United States for SARS-CoV-2 infections three months a week, regardless of symptoms or vaccination status. They found that fully immunized participants were 25 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than non-vaccinated participants. These results mean that vaccinated people who are well protected from infection will not become infected. Less likely to spread Virus. However, without contact tracing to track infections in a larger population, it is impossible to know whether this assumption is correct.

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What we know for sure is that if someone becomes infected with COVID-19 after vaccination, it is a so-called “breakthrough infection”. The symptoms are alleviatedAccording to the survey, those who tested positive for COVID-19 became Just the first vaccination Should have Low virus concentration in the body Than those who tested positive without vaccination. Researchers believe the decreased viral load suggests that people infected with the virus have been vaccinated. The infectivity weakens Because there are far fewer viruses that can spread to others.

Pre-printed studies that have not yet been peer-reviewed suggest that the Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccine can fight the coronavirus. Antibodies in oral and nasal fluidsOf. This is where SARS-CoV-2 comes into play., Mouth and nose antibodies block the virus from entering the body and effectively ensure “bactericidal immunity”. This also means that vaccinated people may not spread the virus through respiratory droplets.

This evidence is promising. But without further research, scientists I can’t close yet The COVID-19 vaccine really prevents all infections. Research is attempted The ability to answer this question directly through contact tracing is still in its infancy. The researchers will track COVID-19 infections in vaccinated and unvaccinated volunteers and their close contacts.

Protection and prevention are inextricably linked

Vaccines help slow the spread of infection by breaking the chain of infection. Ultimately, infected people are less and less susceptible to the virus. Vaccines increase this way Herd immunity – Sensitive and non-immunized people are surrounded by a “herd” of immunized people thanks to vaccinations and previous infections. The study, however, is biological and Social reasons, A vaccination alone is not possible Achieves herd immunity to COVID-19 and contains completely coronavirus.

Actually vaccination It can take a long time on its own To eradicate all diseases. Even almost “eradicated” diseases like chickenpox, measles and whooping cough May emerge again Decreased immunity and vaccination rate.

The recent infectious disease epidemic Vaccinated New York Yankees Not only can vaccinated people still be infected, but they have also shown that close contacts can infect them with the coronavirus. Highly tested groups such as professional sports teams may have vaccinated mild asymptomatic infections against the general population more often than reported in practice. We put fact in the spotlight. Similar Airport staff epidemic in Singapore Indicates that new, highly infectious variants can spread quickly even with full vaccination.

The CDC’s relaxed guidelines for masks aim to reassure vaccinated people that they are safe from serious illnesses. And you are. But for the unvaccinated people who interact with them, the situation is less clear. With me until herd immunity to COVID-19 was almost reached and clear evidence was gathered that vaccinated people did not spread the virus. Lots of epidemiologists I think it is best to avoid situations where there is a possibility of infection. Vaccination combined with Continuation of the masking And keeping social distance is still an effective way to stay safe.

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