16 nice impartial bookstores in Larger Cleveland


CLEVELAND, Ohio – Are you hoping to celebrate both World Book Day on Friday, April 23rd and Independent Book Store Day on Saturday, April 24th? Get a fresh read at any of Greater Cleveland’s local and operated bookstores.

We’ve put together a guide to some of the bookstores in Northeast Ohio, including long-standing staples that have been open for decades and more recent additions to the literary scene. Some bookstores are solely dedicated to selling new or used books, while others include cafes and markets.

Find your next good read in these 16 independent stores:

(Photo by Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer)Lisa DeJong / The Plain Dealer

Appletree books

Operating in the Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood since 1975, Appletree Books offers a selection of books and unique gifts. The small store has a curated selection, and its knowledgeable staff can offer book recommendations and advice in-store or online. Customers are also welcome to place orders on-line for certain titles hope to find them.

12419 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights



(Photo by Ann Norman, specially for Sun News)

The bookshelf

Literary Aid Program The LEARN project runs three used bookstores in Medina County to help fund its programs. Each of the three BookShelf stores has a selection of donated books in Medina, Wadsworth and Brunswick.

831 Pearl Road, Brunswick

105 W. Liberty St., Medina

130 Main St., Wadsworth


in front of the shop

(Courtesy photo of Bookshop in Lakewood)

Bookstore in Lakewood

Customers who visit the Lakewood bookstore know they are looking for Hobbes, the cat of the business who often greets visitors. The neighborhood bookstore has been open since 2014 and offers a wide range of readings with more than 20,000 titles in stock at the stationary location.

15230 Madison Ave., Lakewood


Book Brothers in Lakewood

(Photo by Anne Nickoloff, cleveland.com)

Book brothers

Used books are the name of the game at Lakewood Shop Book Brothers who opened in 2019. In the well-stocked shop you will find books that you have already read, as well as records, DVDs and video games.

15408 Madison Ave., Lakewood



(Courtesy photo from Elizabeth’s Bookshop)

Elizabeth’s Bookstore & Writing Center

Writer and activist Rachel Cargle opened Elizabeths Books & Writing Center (named after her mother) in her hometown of Akron in 2020. The store, which currently has a physical area as a popup in Compass Coffee, offers a catalog of written books by marginalized voices. Portion of all sales in the bookstore go to the Loveland Foundation, a nonprofit focused on supporting the mental health of black women and girls.

647 E. Market St., Akron


In front of the bookstore.

(Photo by Joan Rusek, Special on Sun News)

Fireside Book Shop

The Fireside Book Shop in downtown Chagrin Falls has three floors of books available, with special sections for children’s books and other readings. The store has been independently owned for more than 50 years and first opened in 1963.

29 N. Franklin St., Chagrin Falls


Horizontal books

Overstock books are sold cheaply at Ohio City’s Horizontal Books. Located just one block from West Side Market, the store has a smaller selection of popular titles with percentage discounts that get higher as you buy more books.

1921 W. 25th St., Cleveland


Last Exit Books & Coffeehouse

Enjoy a read with a cup of coffee at Kent’s Last Exit Books and Coffeehouse. Just around the corner from Kent’s local Acorn Alley, the indie store is a mainstay for Kent State University students and residents and sells books, music and films in the back of the store with a cafe in front of the store .

124 E. Main St., Kent


Owl learned

Hudson’s Learned Owl Book Shop regularly lights up local writers with book signings and exhibitions in its store. The business has grown over the last 50 years and has taken over additional units on Main Street to finally offer its current three floors of books.

204 N. Main St., Hudson


Loganberry books

(Photo by Lisa DeJong, The Plain Dealer)Lisa DeJong / The Plain Dealer

Loganberry books

The giant, book-filled Loganberry Books in Cleveland’s Larchmere neighborhood has been a reader’s paradise since opening in 1994. More than 100,000 books are on the shelves of the room, which often hosts community events such as author’s signatures, open mic evenings and even the annual Edible Books Festival.

13015 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland



(Photo by Maura Zurick, cleveland.com)

Mac’s back

In addition to the three floors with new and used books, Mac’s Backs offers an impressive selection through its online shop. Coventry’s staple food is popular with both local writers and readers, and regularly offers signed copies of books by local writers.

1820 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights



(Courtesy photo by Eddy Marflak)

MindFair books

Half of the Ben Franklin store in Oberlin sells housewares, groceries, gifts, and other items, while the other half is devoted to new and used books. MindFair Books has been running for 20 years and, in addition to new publications, also offers rare collector’s books.

13 W. College St., Oberlin


two cats

(Courtesy photo by Linda Snowball)

Snowball Bookstore

Barberton’s Snowball Bookshop has a huge selection of used books that are sold at reasonable prices. More than 60,000 books are available for customers to browse in the shop. There, keep an eye out for two shop cats, Callie and Maya, who often laze around in the sun.

564 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton


in front of the shop

(Courtesy photo of The Village Bookstore)

The village bookshop

Old and out-of-print titles can be found at the Village Bookstore, a small shop on Garrettsville High Street. The store has been open since 2005 and takes a seat in a historic 1860s brick building that is just around the corner from Eagle Creek.

8140 Main St., Garrettsville


Book stand

(Photo by Thomas Ondrey, The Plain Dealer)The simple trader

Visible voice

Tremont’s Visible Voice Books features a curated selection of interesting titles from marginalized writers and an extensive local selection. When shoppers get hungry, they can easily access the bookstore’s cafe or go downstairs for a bite to eat at Crust Pizza or Proof BBQ, which take over the building’s first floor and basement.

2258 Professor Ave., Cleveland


Zubal books

Are you hoping to search for books online? The family-owned Zubal Books store holds hundreds of thousands of titles in its Ohio City warehouse and is ready to be shipped to customers (the warehouse itself is closed to the public). Tom and Michael Zubal, sons of business founder John Zubal, are also hosting a podcast entitled “Book brothers, “Where they discuss the book collecting and selling industry.

2969 W. 25th St., Cleveland


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