Are they going to rebuild the George Floyd mural in Toledo?


David Ross plans to relocate to a secure building in an area where people will accept and actually want the mural there.

TOLEDO, Ohio – There’s not much left of a George Floyd mural in northern Toledo tonight. It collapsed earlier this week after firefighters said it was struck by lightning.

The artist who created the mural, David Ross, said plans were in the works to create an even bigger and better one.

Ross said the next mural will be much, much bigger than this one.

He also plans to move the location of the mural. Ross is currently looking for a safe building in an area where people will accept and appreciate the mural.

To make all of this possible, Ross started one GoFundMe.

Ross said people got involved to cover part of the cost of the first mural and he paid the rest out of his own pocket. He adds that if he has to do the same thing all over again, he will.

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“I believe in it, so I feel like the community will rise and achieve the goal of making it as big and better as possible. But one way or another it will be done, ”said Ross.

Ross said he was inspired not to give up because he wanted to send the message that the lives of George Floyd and Black are important.

He said the response to George Floyd’s life being taken has had a positive impact and he wants to continue.

Ross said that while tragic, there has been much awareness and positive results from the circumstances of Floyd’s death, so he feels it is his responsibility to keep the message going.

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“I am an artist, you know, we are always the voice of the people. I want to amplify that voice and make sure people understand why we should never forget his death. And it doesn’t glorify him as a person, but it does glorify his preservation, “Ross said.

Ross is also working on a Breonna Taylor mural on Lagrange Street.

The city said there are still no plans to demolish the remains of David’s original George Floyd mural.