Youngstown State at Norfolk State – February 28, 2021 – 3:58 pm – Field Rating


GUCKIN, A to cf.For IOSEFA, T.

Niederkohr walked (3-0).

Roach jumped to 1b (0-0). (1 off)

Lezon had a throwing error of 2b (1-2); Niederkohr moved up to second place.

Boeckmann Prize ran for Lezon.

Romero flew to cf (0-0). (2 out) Lusk hit the right field and was second in the throw, RBI (1-0). Boeckmann moved up to second place, third to third place; Niederkohr met undeservedly.

DeLeon went (3-2). Jakse went, RBI (3-0); DeLeon moved up to second place; Lusk moved up to third place; Boeckmann scored undeservedly.

Cea turned to rf (0-1). (3 out) Inning summary:
2 runs, 1 hit, 1 mistake, 3 praise

Down in the 6th inning

Lusk to 1b.

Christy to 2b for Jakse.

Saibene to 3b.

Rinaldi to c for Roach.

Boeckmann to dp.

Buffenbarger to p for Howell.

ANDERSEN, C Pinch Hit for CAMERON, Ker ..

ANDERSEN, C in the left field (0-1).

HATCHER, M grounded to 2b (1-2); ANDERSEN, C moved up to second place. (1 off)

POTTER, L appeared on ss (1-1). (2 out)

DIXON, J swung out (2-2). (3 out) Inning summary:
0 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB