Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown wins spot to vie for second time period


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With 61 districts in the district, the turnout was only 13.04 percent

by: Joe Gorman, Video report by Gerry Ricciutti

Posted: May 4, 2021 / 9:19 am EDT
Updated: May 4, 2021 / 10:43 p.m. EDT

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mayor Jamael Tito Brown drove to a Democratic primary victory on Tuesday and offered to win his second term in November.

Unofficial results from the Mahoning County Electoral Bureau showed Brown received 57.41 percent of the vote.

Second came political newcomer Ryan Kelly with 28.59 percent of the bite and First Ward councilor Julius Oliver, who received 14.01 percent of the vote.

‘Not really a secret. We talked to voters about where we were when we became mayor. What we had to do as mayors and then we talked about our vision for the future. I think if you look at the people who stood with me, my family, my friends, that’s the only secret I know and that’s the only secret I keep working with, “Brown said.

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Brown will run against Republican Tracey Winbush and three independents in November’s general election. Winbush ran unhindered in the Republican Party primary.

Brown said he will take a little break after elementary school and move on with his plan.

“We have a team that is already together. We have a message. We have a mission. We know what we want to do. We shared that with the voters. What I would like to have are those who ran against me in elementary school to come next to me. I would love to sit down and talk to them and see what they have to say. I would love to get her to be part of the team. “

With 61 districts in the district, the turnout was only 13.04 percent.

The only other opponent in the county was a Struthers-At-Large-Council race and two levies, one at Struthers and one at Sebring.

Election Committee Chairman Tom McCabe said Tuesday’s election went virtually without a hitch.

“I never left the office,” he said.

Oliver was expected to give Brown serious competition, but he only got 781 votes. Kelly had 1,549 votes and Brown had 3,201 votes.