Why it is smart for Cleveland Browns, OBJ to renegotiate his contract


Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

If the Cleveland Browns like OBJ, it makes sense for both parties to create some guarantees.

Although much has been written about them Cleveland Browns and star receiver Odell Beckham, Jr., generally the topic has been that because of the guaranteed money the Browns will have to pay him in 2021, he’s an albatross worth nearly $ 13 million, and less attention has been paid to his entire Browns contract.

OBJ has a total of $ 45.75 million on its Cleveland contract for the next three seasons. Many fans and writers can’t wait to get the guaranteed money out of the way and then cut it short. But just wait a minute. The Browns may like the three-time pro bowler a lot more than the vocal minority complaining about him.

OBJ may be happy with the Cleveland Browns too. In this case, his remaining three-year contract makes little sense for either party. Let’s talk about the fix.

Bull feathers are not guaranteed money in this business, and OBJ has 15 million bull feathers in 2022 and another 15 million bull feathers in 2023.

It is up to Agent Zeke Sandhu to give his client some guarantees for the next two years after this season. Hopefully this season will be injury free for the extravagant recipient. But what if there is some other injury or unlikely situation outside of football that is taking him off the field?

It is negligent to leave $ 30 million unprotected on the negotiating table. Sandhu cannot allow this to happen to his client unless it is Colin Cowherd’s secret source is correct and OBJ is only determined to leave Cleveland and he is willing to risk blowing up millions of dollars to get out of Cleveland.

Some people will just believe this one secret source no matter what, but this fan doesn’t believe it is true. Or it may have been true one day when he was mad at Coach Kitchens and General Manager John Dorsey (easy to do), but those issues were resolved.

The rest of the Dawg Pound see that OBJ was reunited with one of his best friends from the state of Louisiana in Jarvis LandryNot to mention the rest of the SEC Northern Campus. Baker Mayfield loves the guy, absolutely loves him and the feeling is clearly mutual.

It emerges from the clubhouse that while a unique personality, OBJ is a well respected veteran leader. All the bad stuff comes from complaining fans or media on the east coast and their secret sources, not the team, not Cleveland. So who will you believe