Trevor Bauer indicators with Dodgers; Cincinnati Reds take 2021 Draft decide


Trevor Bauer won’t throw a spot for the Cincinnati Reds next season, but he left them a parting present.

Bauer signed a three-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers for $ 102 million on Friday, which ESPN says includes opt-out clauses after the first two years. The Reds will receive a compensation selection after the first round of the 2021 MLB Draft (No. 30 overall) as Bauer turned down the team’s offer to qualify in November.

The Reds weren’t seriously involved in talks to bring Bauer back this winter as they tried to cut the wage bill for the coming season. Bauer was the top pitcher in the free agent market and selected the Dodgers’ offering through the New York Mets.

Bauer, the first Cy Young Reds winner in club history, gave up his promise to sign one-year contracts throughout his career that would benefit the Reds in relation to their selection. Set to make $ 40 million in 2021 and $ 45 million in 2022, he’ll be the first player in the sport to bring in $ 40 million in one season.

The selection should be number 30 overall. If he had signed a deal less than $ 50 million, the choice would have been after the second round, about 35 picks difference.

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The Reds were never in serious talks to re-sign Bauer this winter as they focused on lowering the payroll for the coming season. You made Bauer a one-year qualification offer worth $ 18.9 million in November. However, this is only a formality for the best freelance agents as it guarantees teams a choice for compensation. Bauer knew that he could earn more money with a free hand and turned down the qualifying offer.

The Reds always knew that if they traded for him at the 2019 close of trading, it was likely that Bauer would only spend 1½ seasons in the organization. Her gamble became the team’s first playoff spot in seven years when Bauer scored an ERA of 1.73 in eleven starts.

Bauer had a historic performance in Game 1 of the Wild Card Series, hitting 12 and failing in 7 2/3 innings against a tough Atlanta Braves line-up. He only scored two goals but the Reds were swept out of the postseason without scoring a run.

Trvor Bauer hit 12 and allowed only two hits in 7 2/3 innings in the wild card opener against the Atlanta Braves.

The Reds exchanged their top prospect, Taylor Trammell, along with Yasiel Puig and minor league pitcher Scott Moss against Bauer in 2019. They viewed the balancing selection as a way to replenish the farm system afterwards.

After netting the comp pick, the Reds own three of the first 35 picks in the 2021 draft.

Without a Bauer, the Reds will probably go into spring training in a few weeks with a rotation with Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, Tyler Mahle, Wade Miley and Michael Lorenzen.

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Bauer was the first Cy Young winner to get free election that same year since Greg Maddux in 1992. He is the first Cy Young winner to join the World Series defending champion since Roger Clemens in 1999.