Toledo ranked close to high of the checklist of most reasonably priced cities


A new report from AdvisorSmith rates multiple cities as perfect places for retirement.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A new report suggests that Toledo is the second cheapest big city for retirees.

Toledo has an older population (age 65+) of 17.1%, which is slightly higher than the national average of around 16.4%. And thanks to the weather, award-winning metroparks, museums, and access to the Great Lakes, the glass city has caught the attention of retirees.

A new report from AdvisorSmith shows that four of the 20 largest cities in Ohio landed in the first places: # 1 Youngstown, # 2 Toledo, # 3 Akron and # 5 Cleveland.

According to PR specialist Brenda Franco, different factors influence different aspects of what makes a place attractive for retirement. She says where people want to retire depends on a variety of factors; weather, entertainment, taxes, and the cost of living.

“Something about Ohio that it rates very high is that the cost of living in these cities is well below the national average.”

Other factors that make Toledo great for retirees include cheaper groceries, public transportation, and housing. Toledo has a cost of living index of 87, which is 13% cheaper than the national average. .

Oh, and for those of you who want to know what the least affordable big city is, it’s Honolulu, Hawaii.

The full list and more information on the AdvisorSmith methodology can be found here: