South Toledo yard waste recycling enterprise proposal unpopular


Homeowners are concerned about health problems, property values, and smelly conditions. The owner of Cleanwood Recycling says his company follows all regulations.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Residents of southern Toledo are excited about future plans to expand a local recycling company into their neighborhood.

They say it will stink and cause health problems.

But Michael Kott, the owner of Cleanwood recyclingdisagrees.

Kimberly Lampkin, an 11-year-old resident in south Toledo, said she received a last minute notification for a meeting on Thursday.

“Went from zero to 100 when I pulled the flyer out of my mailbox. And why are you letting us know for less than 24 hours right now?” said Lampkin.

She was furious when she found the letter in her mail.

Bethany Griffith, who also lives in the area, was surprised.

“I was a little surprised because the notification only lasted a day, so I couldn’t make any plans to attend. I don’t know why we weren’t notified earlier,” said Griffith.

Currently, the recycling area is located on West Bancroft Street and I-475.

The Toledo-Lucas County Planning Committees approved the proposal to move forward.

It might finally allow Clean wood Extension to South Byrne Road and Angola Road.

Kott is the president of mulch, compost and topsoil production.

“There is nothing we do that is poisonous. All of our things are made organically. The same as Mother Nature in the forest. I don’t know of any residents who actually live anywhere near the field. I mean, there is 30-acre buffer.” said Kott during the meeting with the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission.

But those who live in the area say it will stink and cause health problems and property problems.

“My husband has 4 liters of oxygen. Okay, he can’t breathe this stuff. I have allergies. And we have inhalers, we have oxygen tanks,” Lampkin said.

“I’m about to buy my house. Well, that worried me. If I sell my house, what kind of problems will I have?” added Griffith.

Kott firmly believes that his business is compliant and will benefit the city.

“I’ll also bring 20 well-paying jobs into town when all these businesses leave town,” said Kott.

“All more living things than we’ve ever seen are going to be all over the place with the stink. So do we want to sit here and breathe this? Tell you what if I get worse and my husband, I lose my husband if he breathes this stuff. .. I’ll sue, “said Lampkin.

Kott says nothing is set in stone.

He’ll meet with that Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission again on March 17th.