Pulling again the curtain on Columbus’ Wizard of Za


COLUMBUS (WCMH) – 2020 fell on the hotel industry like a house on the wicked witch of the west.

Spencer Saylor was one of the catering business’s vacation victims and led him to cook pizza in his kitchen.

It turned out that this was his Yellow Brick Road.

“Pizza has always been a part of my life for me and just food in general,” said Saylor from his Clintonville underground world.

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When COVID-19 stopped catering, Saylor cooked pizza at his Columbus home to make it feel like his home in Youngstown and posted it on his foodie account, The Wizard of Za.

“I did it more to show what I was doing and next I know this is a business proposition,” he said. “Well, people want to buy it.”

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No, they wanted to eat it. Bad!

“With a maximum of 4,500 people,” said Saylor of his pizza waiting list, adding that the pizza phenomena he had triggered felt cultic.

All in a month, but what the hell is this man selling behind the curtain?

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“It’s Sicilian style, it’s a bit thicker than a crust, about half an inch,” he described.

“Foccacia Bread?” Brad Johansen of NBC4 asked.

“Foccacia bread, yes,” nodded Saylor.

Four simple pizzas, $ 20-25.

“Not a good way to run your business, Spencer,” said Johansen. “4,500 people can’t wait.”

“And yet we are here,” replied Saylor.

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He partnered with the Fusion restaurant, used the space next door, hired five people, all of whom came up to him asking for a job and went to a reservation system – wait 6 weeks to get a pizza.

“It was like buying tickets to a highly anticipated show,” he said of the reservations opening online. “It was completely sold out within five minutes!”

He served Urban Meyer at home. The Blue Jackets ate it up. They make the dough in the morning, cook it twice in the afternoon, and make 80-90 pizzas a day. He really is the wizard!

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“It just became synonymous with the pizza that I published, and before I knew it, it was like ‘This is the name,'” he said of the wizard of Za.

If only I had the brain, the courage, the heart of this 27 year old who clicked on his heels and found out, there really is no place like home.

“I finally feel like I’m not working,” sighed Saylor. “As if I wasn’t working. I’m supposed to be here. It’s a dream come true. “