Pretend jewellery seized by U.S. Customs in Cincinnati presupposed to be Cartier and Hermes valuables


US Customs and Border Protection officials in Cincinnati recently seized shipments of counterfeit earphones and counterfeit jewelry from China.

One delivery contained 10,000 counterfeit Apple earbuds and the other almost 1,400 counterfeit Cartier and Hermes jewelry, customs said in a press release.

Had the earbuds and jewelry been real, they would have had a cumulative retail value of approximately $ 11,748,000, according to the publication.

“Buying counterfeit goods harms our economy and your bank account,” said Richard Gillespie, Port Director of Cincinnati, in the press release.

“Supporting counterfeit companies also aids criminal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking, leaving the consumer with an inferior, if not dangerous, product.”