Politics of race distorts Adam Toledo killing



The death of an innocent victim is what distinguishes a street gang banger from being slandered and imprisoned, or being turned into a hero. The street gang problem in Chicago is so great and unsolved that the public’s response is turning from sanity to insanity, turning racism into politics.

By Ray Hanania

When it comes to gang violence, gangbangers often get away with shooting and killing innocent citizens who believe their homes are safe. The gang suspects are slandered, denounced and hunted down.

That story quickly falls into a tale of failure for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx. They have done nothing to counter the increasing violence against street gang weapons.

But when a gangbanger is caught by the police, especially if he is shot, the narrative suddenly changes to one in which officers turn gang violence into racial politics.

Lightfoot and Foxx turn the tables to distract the public from their mistakes, making emotional and false claims that gang shooting victims are somehow innocent victims of police abuse. Gangbangers become heroes, the police are demonized and the truth is blurred.

Police car, this one from Chicago. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Here is a fact. Street gangs in Chicago use teenagers like 13-year-old Adam Toledo as “mules”. 21-year-old adult suspects at gunpoint like Ruben Roman need “mules” after firing his guns in the middle of the night.

Maybe they kill someone. Maybe they don’t. Perhaps an innocent child who sits and sleeps in their house will be hit in the head and die. In this case the gangbangers are wanted. If it doesn’t happen, the gangbangers become heroes, victims of police violence.

When gun violence does occur, police rush to protect the vast majority of residents who are not criminals or gangbangers in places like Little Village. They just want to live their lives in peace and security, but often cannot.

Gangbangers aren’t stupid. They know when caught with a gun that despite the racist reluctance of failed prosecutors like Kim Foxx, if they are on the street in hours doing what they didn’t do, the penalty will be less.

To avoid this risk, they hand the gun over to a young “mule”, like a 13-year-old like Toledo, who was in disbelief on the street with an armed adult gangbanger in the middle of the night at 2:30 am.

Posted in the Southwest News Newspaper Group on April 21, 2021

Posted in the Southwest News Newspaper Group on April 21, 2021

When the police are confronted with gangbangers, they don’t know who they are or how old they are. They know nothing about their school grades or life ambitions, their hopes or dreams, which are then the focus of the media.

What the police know is that two dangerous suspects with guns could kill an innocent young child who is reading, sleeping at home, or playing with his family if they don’t act quickly.

In the darkness of this frightening scenario, the police must go. They confront the unknown armed suspects with guns drawn and order them to surrender.

The police camera shows Toledo running with a gun in hand, stopping at an opening in the alley fence and throwing the gun behind the fence at the same moment as he turns around and raises his gun-carrying hand – as if he were going to point it at the policeman judge . To calm the voices of the races, Foxx punished an aide who said Toledo had the gun in hand when firing. A split second is all it takes Foxx to apologize for thugs.

Police officer Eric Stillman did his job perfectly on March 29th protecting the law abiding people in Little Village, risking his life hunting gangbangers with guns in the dark at 2:30 a.m.

Stillman had no idea how old the gun-carrying suspect was, as no 13-year-old was supposed to be on the street at 2:30 a.m.

Stillman, a hero, sees what looks like a gun and orders the unknown suspect to stop. But the suspect has not yet achieved his “mule” assignment.

When the suspect turns around quickly, a millisecond between throwing the gun and raising his hand, the policeman fears for his life and fires a bullet.

The racial politicians don’t care about the 13-year-old “mulching” for a gangbanger. They only care about using death for their own political ends.

Yes, Toledo’s death is a tragedy. Yes, there are cases of police committing crimes and should be prosecuted. But the majority of the police are doing the jobs we asked them to do. Instead of defending gangbangers, Foxx and Lightfoot should call them whatever their age to do what they did and defend the police forcefully.

If we don’t do that, there will be more 13-year-olds on the street to “wear out” gangbangers. They know that if they are killed they will become immortal and their families may win millions in the Race Politics Lottery.

Ruben should be charged with Toledo’s murder, and Toledo’s mother should also be charged as an unintentional accomplice.

But that doesn’t get votes for hypocrites like Lightfoot, Foxx or others. Racism, lies and the protection of gangbangers.

(This column was originally published in the Southwest News Newspaper Group on Wednesday April 21, 2021. For more information on Ray Hanania’s columns, visit www.Hanania.com or email him [email protected].)

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