Outfielder led Cincinnati Reds in hitting in 2020


Jesse Winker is nearing the start of his fifth season with the Cincinnati Reds, and keeping the left outfielder healthy will be the top priority.

Last season Winker played 54 of the 60 games, his highest percentage of games in his career. He led the team with a batting average of 0.255 and ended up in the top 5 with 12 home runs, 23 RBI and 27 runs.

Winker is a 2012 first-round draft pick for the Reds and a career batsman with 0.280 hits, 42 homers, and 119 RBI in 303 career games.

Known as the Cincinnati Reds batsman, Jesse Winker, 33, celebrates Friday at the Great American Ball Park in downtown Cincinnati as he sets the ground for one in the fourth inning of the MLB National League game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates The two-part homerun heads August 14, 2020.

Here are three things you should know about Jesse Winker

Jesse Winker made a big impression on his first opening day … with his glove on

While his racket is what he’s best known for, his first Opening day in 2018 was highlighted by a defensive game.

The Washington Nationals Michael Taylor Hit a ball into the left midfield where Winker, the left fielder, and the middle fielder Billy Hamilton both chased him. There was a collision between the two outfield players in the warning lane, on which Winker appeared with the ball.

Cincinnati Reds right fielder Jesse Winker, 33, and Cincinnati Reds midfielder Billy Hamilton (6) collide in the sixth inning during the opening day National League baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds on Friday, March 30, 2018, on the outfield at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

“I said to Billy, ‘We’re not going to lie in the field, we get up and go.’ Fortunately, we were both fine. We’ll come back to that tomorrow. ” he said after the game.

Jesse Winker’s feud with New York Mets fans

According to a 1-0 win against the Mets on May 1, 2019 Wherever Winker reached the finals, he waved goodbye to the New York fans along the left field line.

why did he do that?

“It’s not that this place is full. They just talk a lot. I’ll just give it back and have fun with it.” he said after the game.

Mets fans might have got the last laugh the next day, however.

After arguing with the referee about balls and punches, Winker was thrown out. New York fans didn’t miss the opportunity to return it to himand waved goodbye as he left the field.

The Mets have also taken revenge on the reds, they rule out 1-0.

Jesse Winker won the 2013 Midwest League Home Run Derby

While Winker showed some pop in his bat as Major Leaguer when Eastern Division All-Star hosted by Dayton Dragons In 2013 He and his teammates won the Midwest League home run derby.

Winker went up and down the east with 10 home runsIn a 19:13 team win, he would have made it almost alone with the West.