Tuesday, February 27, 2024

New parks division causes mud up in Toledo Metropolis Council assembly


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A meeting of Toledo City Council got a little heated Tuesday after a dispute over whether councilors were empowered to set up a new park division.

The council should vote on a suggestion This would create a Department of Parks, Recreation, Youth Services, and Educational Engagement by subtracting $ 3.3 million from the Department of Public Services, Parks, Recreation, and Forestry. The proposal would also provide an additional $ 2.5 million from the General Fund. The project was initiated by City Councilor Dr. Cecelia Adams, Chair of the Education, Leisure and Employment Committee.

During the meeting, however, it became known that the city’s legal department had issued a legal opinion against the measure, according to which the city council would not be allowed to make changes to a department without a request from the mayor’s office.

“So I believe, and you should be advised, that the council can only make changes to administrative divisions and departments if requested in writing by the mayor,” said the statement to city council president Matthew Cherry. “Without a written request from the mayor, the council is not empowered to set up a park department or change the current department structure.”

Despite the legal opinion, the Toledo City Council approved the measure. Some mayor’s staff said they supported the idea but would need additional time to put a plan together. The ordinance will now be forwarded to the mayor’s office for either approval or veto.

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