Meals at new Columbus Crew stadium options native eating places


Fans arriving on Saturday to watch the Columbus Crew play their first game at Field may starve for more than one win.

Schmidt's Sausage Home and Restaurant will be one of several local restaurants serving food at Field.  The stadium menu includes bratwurst, ground, German potato salad and sauerkraut.

For her, the new stadium promises more than just old school hot dogs.

Crew freaks can enjoy food and drink from popular restaurants in the Columbus area, including Schmidt’s Sausage House and Restaurant, Preston’s: A Burger Joint, Dirty Frank’s, and Dos Hermanos.

More dining options in the new stadium

Overall, the dining options will be almost twice that of the Historic Crew Stadium, according to Brett Taylor, operations manager of Crew Kitchen, the restaurant and hospitality team at Field. Compared to the 20 locations for food and drink in the team’s previous home, the new stadium now has 42 locations.

Many will be filled with local flavors. Other key figures in the culinary line-up of the crew are Hot Chicken Takeover, Tacos district, Crafted Culture Brewing, Cozy Beer Garden, Legacy Smokehouse and Donatos Pizza.

“We use food and drink to enhance the experience. We want the fans to come to the Arena District and hang out in the new stadium an hour before the game, ”said Taylor. “You know, come on in … walk around, familiarize yourself with the stadium and you know, just enjoy the ambience of downtown.”

While fans can still look forward to top-selling stadium favorites like nachos, hot dogs and soft pretzels, the local options are an example of how fans talk and the crew listens to what they want to see of the new stadium, according to a 2019 poll said Taylor.

He said the Columbus crew continued their partnership with Levy Restaurants, working together to offer a variety of food and drink options, and making the food ordering and receiving process faster and more user-friendly.

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Crew fans look forward to Columbus food favorites

Homer Olsen, a 30-year-old season ticket holder from the Hilliard area, is particularly looking forward to it Hot Chicken Takeoverwhere a food truck used to come to the old stadium, as well as Dirty Frank’s and Barrio Tacos.

“They definitely all sound very good – definitely an upgrade from the previous meal,” said Olsen.

Taylor said the local restaurants in the new stadium were carefully selected, taking into account fan interest as well as other factors.

“We took to the streets, you know? We started asking local partners if they were interested, ”he said. “A big push from the owners and the crew’s leadership team was trying to win over minority and women’s businesses, so this was a target approach too.”

Crafted Culture Brewing, for example is the first Black-owned brewery in central Ohio.

Hot Chicken Takeover was one of the top two local eateries in a 2019 Columbus Crew survey that asked fans what food options they would like to see in the new stadium.

Brent Miller, a 24-year-old from the Grandview Heights area, said he was looking forward to the return of Hot Chicken Takeover, but added that he would also like to try Preston’s and appreciate the involvement of Columbus Craft Breweries.

“I think it sounds like a really good strain. You can go to multiple games in a season, not repeat yourself, and still get something decent every time, ”Miller said.

Kevin Johnson, a 44-year-old from the Beechwold neighborhood, said he was happy to see the crew include local dining options for both home fans and those visiting Columbus.

“I think it’s a little window to showcase your city. So when away fans come to see the crew and all of our local options are there, I think it says a lot about wanting to say the crew is there. ”Columbus. So if you have Columbus-specific food I think it’s fantastic, ”said Johnson.

Schmidt's Sausage House and Restaurant was one of the two most requested local restaurants in a 2019 Columbus Crew survey that asked fans what food they would want in the new stadium.

Schmidt’s, which had its roots in German Village as early as 1886 and has been part of the crew since the opening of the Historic Crew Stadium in 1999, was one of the two most popular restaurants for the new stadium alongside Hot Chicken Takeover. after Taylor.

The restaurant’s offerings include the characteristic “Bahama Mama” sausage dish; its characteristic bratwurst; Sauerkraut; German Potato Salad; and his huge cream puff for dessert, said Carla Epler, Schmidt’s chief operating officer.

Epler said it made sense to use it as part of the options in the new stadium since Schmidt’s is part of central Ohio and is considered the iconic food of Columbus.

Jumbo cream puffs are on the menu at Schmidt's Sausage House and Restaurant in the new Crew Stadium.

“I just think it’s great that they want to create a taste for the community they are in,” said Epler. “You can get an institutional hot dog anywhere and everything tastes the same. When the locals do what they are known for … having local iconic food and established restaurants is huge for the guests and for the Crew brand itself. “

Taylor said the prices of food from the stationary locations of the local restaurants will be increased. Epler said these increased stadium prices, at least for Schmidt’s, will be similar to their fair and festival prices.

Faster service, new ordering options

Taylor said it’s not just the food at the new stadium that is getting new and improved. The technology is also being updated and should improve the speed of service.

This includes the go-cashless initiative launched in the old stadium last year in response to the pandemic. Further elements are the implementation of QR code orders, mobile ordering services, “order here, pay here” locations and self-ordering kiosks.

Dining options include both built-in areas and food trucks in various locations around the stadium. These include the southeast square – which can accommodate 1,500 to 2,000 fans – the main and upper halls of the facility and some terraces, Taylor said.

“I think the fans when they come in here will be blown away, not just by the team on the pitch and the design of the stadium,” he said. “I think the amount of offers, the technology and just the overall variety, I think you will be very satisfied.”

Schmidt's, which took root in German Village as early as 1886 and has been associated with the crew since the Historic Crew Stadium opened in 1999, will continue to sell groceries at Field.

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