Man stabbed, wounded round closing time at Cincinnati District’s Rockin’ Cigar Bar



EL PASO, Texas – A man was stabbed and wounded early Sunday in a bar in El Paso’s Cincinnati Entertainment District, police said.

The sting occurred at the close of the Rockin ‘Cigar Bar at 226 Cincinnati Avenue.

The injured man was taken to a nearby hospital, but there was no immediate word about his condition.

The police did not report any arrests or provide details of what led to the attack.

The officers stayed at the site after 3 a.m. to investigate.

The sting was the latest in a series of issues and controversies surrounding the Rockin ‘Cigar Bar that had theirs Alcohol license suspended in September from last year by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for violating Covid-19 safety rules.

The bar’s owner, Frank Ricci, repeatedly battled the state for virus restrictions. He belonged to a group that sued Texas Governor Greg Abbott due to the regulations and was also involved hold a protest rally against Covid mandates for companies.

Ricci has two Rockin ‘Cigar Bar locations; The other location at 6404 N. Mesa Street on the west side of the city was the location of one Double stitch that wounded two drunken patrons last September. This case also promoted a TABC probe from the bar that investigated a possible alcohol overdose.

There is also an unresolved one 2019 stabbing death with the participation of a patron saint of the RCB location in Cincinnati. 63-year-old Chester Charles Woodward was found lying on the floor with fatal wounds at a Sun Metro stop on Cincinnati Avenue.

Woodward had spent an evening at the bar and was mugged for his money and cut his throat after leaving, friends said.

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