Letter: Cleveland workforce’s change evokes robust feelings | Letters


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With the latest announcement change the name from “The” Cleveland Indians; I have to admit that I have a degree of disgust.

With maternal lines originating in Cleveland, they have been my baseball team all my life.

Just as I grew up in Lakewood and western New York, the Buffalo took me around the area too.

This movement of revision history for those who attribute it frankly reverses exactly what it is purported to protect.

These are peoples who love everything and lose everything. Your country, many of your relatives.

Charles Mann’s “1491” is an excellent insight into the subject and, at the beginning of European contact, focuses on all of North and South America.

With a degree in anthropology, I made it my honor to understand all people and cultures.

The removal of Chief Wahoo is very understandable. However, my own county, Chautauqua, named by the Iroquois tribe, is a beautiful country.

We strive to be a nation. However, often forget that there was a whole on this continent before we came. With trade that can be tracked throughout North, South America, and Canada.