How Kyle Farmer suits into the Cincinnati Reds infield


During the Cincinnati Reds series against the Milwaukee Brewers, shortstop Kyle Farmer hit a high-line drive to deep right field. It would have been a double if it hadn’t been hit directly on the Brewers right fielder, but Farmer had instead hit a deep fly out for the final from the inning.

He showed frustration as he rounded first base. Then, as Red’s right fielder Nick Castellanos took the field for the next inning, he offered some advice.

“Nick came up to me, put his arm around me and told me to just keep swinging and there is nothing you can do about it,” Farmer said. “I hit the ball hard, but right to people. It’s as if my ball had a magnet pointing towards the glove. “

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Castellanos did more than advise farmers. He loaned his racket to Farmer when the Reds played against the Washington Nationals, and Farmer used it for a home run on his first swing against three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer.

“I ordered six of his models,” said Farmer. “If they come in, I’ll use them.”

When entering the game on Saturday, Farmer has an average of 0.210 with 18 RBI and five home runs. Farmer had an unfortunate season when he contacted him. According to Statcast, Farmer’s expected shot average is 0.244 based on the quality of his swings.

With three infielders on the injured list, Kyle Farmer has started the Reds' last 33 games on Saturday 30th.  But this time is affected when others get well.

Until next week, Farmer is well on the way to reaching a career high point for record appearances in a season at the age of 197. But in the near future, Farmer expects his role to change.

With three starters on the injured list in May and early June, Farmer has started 30 of the Reds in their last 33 games, playing most of the time at Shortstop. When Joey Votto got on the injured list, Mike Moustakas moved to first base, Eugenio Suárez to third and Farmer took over as the starting shortstop.

Moustakas was on the injured list when Votto returned, so Suárez stayed on the third base and Farmer stayed on the shortstop. But Reds manager David Bell said he expected Moustakas to return from his heel injury in the next 10 days.

That means Farmer could get back into a bank role for the first time since May 5th.

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“I know what will happen when Moustakas comes back and it is what it is,” said Farmer. “Moustakas is a great player and he deserves to play, as is Suarez. They will bring out the best line-up and when the opportunity presents itself I will make the most of it. “

At the start of the season, Farmer was a front runner in every position in the infield and a pinch-hitter to left-handed pitching. While the Reds could return to their opening day after Moustakas’ return, Farmer is still well on the way to having most of the season of his five-year career.

“It is what it is,” said Farmer. “When I get back to the bank, I’ll try to be the best banker I can be.”

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HERE COMES MOUSTAKAS: Bell has not set a specific date for Moustakas to return from the injured list, but Moustakas could return to the active list on the Reds’ upcoming road trip.

Moustakas missed almost a month with a heel injury, but recently started taking floor balls and practicing at the Great American Ball Park.

Manager David Bell believes Mike Moustakas could return for the upcoming road trip starting Monday in Milwaukee.

“There’s no definite plan for a date or where, when or how much, but I think there’s a really good chance he’ll join us and play on this upcoming road trip,” said Bell. “I don’t know which day yet, but he’s close.”

Moustakas did most of his defensive work at third base, where he has spent most of his MLB career. Moustakas was the Reds’ second baseman in 2020, and he also played first when Votto was injured.

But it looks like Moustakas will play in third place and Suárez will switch back to the shortstop as soon as Moustakas returns.

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SUÁREZ OK: Suárez was cut in a cooking accident before Friday night’s game. With the Reds’ 9-0 lead in the fifth inning, Bell pulled Suárez out of the game in front of most of the other starters.

Suarez was back on the line-up on Saturday and Bell said he wasn’t worried.

“He’s fine,” said Bell. “It was good that he could get a little more treatment, not have to play the whole game yesterday.”